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Threats received against chocolate bunny April 14, 2010

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Faribault police received a report late this afternoon from a hysterical woman claiming threats were made against her chocolate Easter bunny.

Police Chief Dan McGregor, who is investigating the case, says a male, identified only as “Randy,” delivered this message to the unidentified woman: “Chomp, chomp, chomp!”

McGregor is following up on leads and asks anyone with information to contact him.

The chief also confirms that the Faribault resident received a second menacing communication stating that her chocolate rabbit would be kidnapped.

He is taking that threat seriously and has called in the Special Forces Unit to deal with the situation. The commander of that unit is en route from southwestern Minnesota and should arrive in Faribault within the hour.

Commander White Rabbit, head of the Special Forces Unit, will aid Faribault police in their investigation.

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(See my previous post, “Do not bite the ears off my chocolate bunny,” for background information on the above story.)


Do not bite the ears off my chocolate bunny

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My foil-wrapped chocolate Easter bunny escapes to the backyard.

I WONDERED WHEN they would notice.

On Monday, more than a week after Easter, my two guys finally ask.

“When are you going to eat your chocolate bunny?” my 16-year-old son inquires as he dips into the Easter candy for an after-school snack.

“When are you going to eat your chocolate bunny?” my husband asks later, when we are dipping into the shared family candy after supper.

My answer to them is identical: “I’m strategizing,” I say. “I’m eating the other candy first because, when that’s gone, I’ll still have my chocolate bunny.” Smart, huh? Just to clarify, each member of my family gets his/her own foil-wrapped chocolate bunny treat for Easter.

“I thought you were testing your willpower,” my husband says, knowing all too well how much I love chocolate.

Even I am surprised that I haven’t at least nibbled on the rabbit’s ears.

But early on I determined that I would get more chocolate if I followed my well-thought-out plan of eating from the general family stash of candy before eating my very own chocolate.

So far, so good, I figure, unless, of course, one of the boys cannot resist temptation and bites off the bunny’s ears.

But I think they know better than to mess with a woman and her chocolate, especially this woman and her chocolate.

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