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Mad about March in Minnesota April 2, 2010

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My crocuses bloomed in mid-March, much earlier than normal for spring bulbs in Minnesota.

IF EVERY MINNESOTA March matched this past one, then I’d be a happy Minnesotan.

Typically, I dread this month that brings significant snowfall and biting winds, gray skies and a bleak landscape.

But this month just passed, this March, this I can take.

For the entire 31 days of March, our northern state, or at least the southeastern part where I live, received not a single flake of snow.

That is cause to celebrate because, up until then, this had been an incredibly long winter of too much snow.

I’ll take a snowless March any year.

Yeah, I know there are those naysayers who will complain about the dry conditions due to the lack of moisture. Yes, I understand that a dry landscape equals fire danger.

But, please, let us not bemoan a shorter winter, an earlier spring, butterflies in March, 70-degree days, shirt sleeves and shorts, blooming crocuses, farmers seeding oats on March 30…

In non-Minnesotan fashion, let us accept this gift without feeling guilty, like the other shoe will drop in April.

Yes, the weather’s “not too bad” and “it could be worse.”

So enjoy it, while it lasts.

A Goodhue County farmer had just finished chisel plowing a field when I snapped this mid-March photo.

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