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You know you’re in a small town when… July 1, 2013

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I HONESTLY DID NOT THINK that small town folks were still so trusting. But, apparently I am wrong. Let me show you.

Example 1:

Mill, bikes

These bikes were left unattended and unlocked in a Morristown city park while the cyclists, a young couple and their son, walked across the street to the historic Morristown Feed Mill during a community celebration earlier this summer. They listened to music and hung out for awhile before returning to their unattended, unlocked and untouched bikes.

Example 2:

Mill, bike close-up

Now you’re probably thinking, Audrey, you just showed us those unattended, unlocked and untouched bikes. Yes, I did. But look closer at the contents of the bike basket. Do you see what I see? Yes, the young mom left her purse while she walked across the street to the mill.

Now, if I were the criminal type, instead of the photographing type, I could have stolen that purse right then and there.

Maybe the purse held nothing of value. But, if the contents are like the contents of my bag, plenty of valuable information and stuff I would not want stolen could be found therein.

Would you be so trusting?

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