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At home with Storypeople in Decorah, Iowa July 11, 2013

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NOTHING IN DECORAH, IOWA, compares to Storypeople.

The Vibrant mural on one of Storypeople's buildings.

Part of the vibrant mural on one of Storypeople’s buildings.

Among the primarily earthy buildings in this historic downtown, the vibrant splashes of Storypeople art defy like a tightrope walker daring to tread without a net.

The Storypeople workshop exterior pops with vibrant colors and images. I'll tell you more about Storypeople in a future post.

The Storypeople building pops with color.

Historic puritans may take issue with the bold hues and quirky drawings. But I find them thrilling and invigorating and an unexpected jolt of colorful creativity in this river town.

This studio is located in a different building than the one pictured above.

This studio is located in a different building than the one pictured above.

Inside the Storypeople studio, a mishmash of bold colors—red paint splashed upon the floor, stacked paint cans, paint-tipped brushes, colorful stacks of books and wood, and more—define this as a creative place, a spot to spin a story with words and images.

Storypeople books from which I chose one.

Storypeople books from which I chose one.

It is what the people of Storypeople do best—create stories shared in books and cards and art and such.

At work...

At work…

I would love to work here.

Materials and products.

Materials, products and inspiration.

And because I dared to step inside the studio, so I was told, I walked out with a complimentary book and greeting card. And I didn’t even mention that I was a blogger.

A sign on the door.

A sign on the door.

TO LEARN MORE about Storypeople, click here. Storypeople products are sold in 240 galleries world-wide.

A creative paint station.

A creative paint station.

Work in progress...

Work in progress…

One final look. This place makes me happy.

One final look. This place makes me happy.

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15 Responses to “At home with Storypeople in Decorah, Iowa”

  1. Beth Ann Says:

    The place makes me happy, too! Did you know about StoryPeople before going to Decorah? I have been drawn to them since the very first time I saw a book years and years ago. There is just something really special about the work. I am thrilled you got a book and card! Bonus!!!

    • Audrey Kletscher Helbling Says:

      I learned of Storypeople when planning our trip to Decorah and it was on my list of places to see. Easy to find given the bright paintings on the building. I was not expecting a book and a card. After reading the book and the card, I can see why this business is so successful. Creative genius here and unlike any other “product” I’ve seen.

  2. […] I: At home with Storypeople in Decorah, Iowa (Minnesota Prairie […]

  3. WOW – What a Creative Place – thanks so much for sharing!!! Happy Day:)

  4. Jackie Says:

    I can see how you’d fit right in working here Audrey, what a great place full of color and stories to be told. I love the work tables with all the paint splattered everywhere….there is some fun going on in this building!

  5. treadlemusic Says:

    You would fit right in……it would be so energizing it would be difficult to sleep at night (but maybe it is, already!! Hmmm?). I find ideas just swirl in my head for color combos, stitching patterns, etc. Hugs…..

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