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The beautiful barns of Wisconsin June 16, 2014

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FOCUSING ON ANYTHING but the barn on a farm site proves difficult for me during drive-by shoots.

So why fight the natural farm girl instinct? I don’t.


Barn in Wisconsin 97


Along Wisconsin State Highway 21, I’ve spotted some mighty fine barns in the past few years of traveling that forever stretch of roadway between Tomah and Oshkosh.


Barn in Wisconsin 98


Strong barns with stone foundations.


Barn in Wisconsin 109


Barns with character.


Barn in Wisconsin 116


And barns that, for their mammoth size, overwhelm all other buildings on a farm site.


Barn in Wisconsin 106


Occasionally another farm building grabs my attention.

But, oh, how I love barns.

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18 Responses to “The beautiful barns of Wisconsin”

  1. Beth Ann Says:

    Love the quilt barns that sprinkle our midwestern landscape. Thanks so much for sharing. I will share with my mother who loves all things barns!!!!

  2. Dan Traun Says:

    There are just as many styles as there are setting where these barns stand. I can’t get enough of barns and very much enjoy the variety of color and architecture. I am particularly drawn to the couplas that adorn the tops of these fine structures too. There are some pretty ornate ones there.

  3. Jackie Says:

    Great barns Audrey, I dont think I’ve ever seen a barn the the one in the top photo, I love the whole barn and it’s surroundings, the silo. the big tree the green freshly mowed grass….so well taken care of, I love that! Rick and I were just down through Houston county on our last road trip, we saw so many of the barn quilts, they are so fun to look at, you would love that trip 🙂

  4. Great Captures – love barns and taking pictures of barns too 🙂 Happy Week!

  5. Thread crazy Says:

    Love the barns Audrey, especially the barn quilt!

  6. My husband used to mention some old saying about being able to tell a farmer’s priorities by whether his house or his barn was bigger — did he care more about his wife or his cows. Of course, that’s not true as much these days with the corporate/industrial farms. Wonderful pictures.

  7. I love barns as well. The older the better!

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