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It’s a toilet, not a trash can November 14, 2014

THIS AD APPEARED in the November 6 issue of The Gaylord Hub:


City of Gaylord


Now, will someone please tell me how you manage to flush a diaper, rag or mophead down the toilet?

Apparently it’s possible.

You best listen up, Gaylord, Minnesota, residents. There’s no point in purposely flushing tax dollars down the toilet.

Gaylord officials are not alone in their concern about what goes down the toilet. Just google “don’t flush down the toilet” and you’ll discover many other communities and agencies, like Portland, Oregon, the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, and the Portland (Maine) Water District Office, educating the public about flushing.

“Save your pipes: Don’t flush baby wipes!”, the creative campaign of the Maine agency, specifically targets baby wipes as a prime pipe plugging problem. The website mixes humor–be sure to watch the game show “What the FLUSH?!?”–with facts to deliver the message on what to flush and what not. You can even take a pledge to save your pipes.

Bottom line: You can flush human waste and toilet paper down the toilet. That’s it. Pretty simple to remember, huh?




16 Responses to “It’s a toilet, not a trash can”

  1. treadlemusic Says:

    Sigh…….the creativity of human mind knows no boundaries!!!!!!

  2. Beth Ann Says:

    Yep. Very simple. I guess the people of Gaylord needed a reminder. I would have totally taken a picture of this sign as well.

  3. Dan Traun Says:

    That is pretty simple; almost common sense, but does that truly exist? One could argue it has largely gone by the wayside when you need signs such as this.

  4. When I grew up there was septic tanks and so early on I learned what to do and what not to do. I have seen what a house looks likes when the system backs up and it is not pretty (neighbors had this happen) – YUCKO! Be responsible, especially when it comes down to your very own tax dollars.

    Happy Weekend šŸ™‚

  5. Jackie Says:

    Oh people…. craziness!

  6. dalmatianangel Says:

    It’s amazing how many people think the toilet is a garbage dispos-all system. Only toilet paper is made to break down. Not Kleenex, sanitary napkins, personal or baby wipes, leftover food, etc. people could save themselves not only tax dollars but moneys paid to rotor rooter as well! Every city should send a notice like that to each household. I have found that many people have not been taught these things, or how to clean, or how to do laundry, or how to fix things vs. throwing them away. I could go on and on!

  7. hotlyspiced Says:

    You wouldn’t think you’d have to post a notice like this but it’s happening here too. We now have a lot of migrants who come from areas where they previously had no sanitation or plumbing or flushing toilets and so they arrive here and think the system is designed like a trash can and anything can be put down there. Not so! xx

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