Minnesota Prairie Roots

Writing and photography by Audrey Kletscher Helbling

A photographic journey through rural western Wisconsin November 5, 2014

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Rural, red barn, bin and field




Rural, round bales


Rural, harvested cornfield


Rural, white barn and silos

Farm buildings.

All draw my eyes to the landscape, my hand to the camera, eye to the viewfinder, finger to shutter button.


Rural, red barn and Harvestores


Flash of color: A red barn.


Rural, red barn, fields and grey sheds


Rural scenes unfold before me on this drive through western Wisconsin, from Nelson north to St. Croix Falls in early October.


Rural, red barn and lone cow


I am linked to the land by my past, daughter of a southwestern Minnesota crop and dairy farmer. Even after 40 years away from the farm, fields and farm sites hold my heart more than any grid of city blocks or cluster of homes or urban anything.

If I could, I would live in the country again, close to the scent of dried corn stalks and fertile black soil.


Rural, house by trees


I would live under a sky that overwhelms, inside a white farmhouse with a welcoming front porch. That was always my dream.

But dreams cost money. Instead, I have lived in an old house along an arterial street in a town of some 23,000 for 30 years. I am grateful to have a house, to live in a community I love among dear friends.


Rural, country church and cemetery


Still, a part of my soul yearns, aches for the land I left.

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