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Minnesota Faces: Boys at a barn dance September 25, 2015

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Portrait #41: Boys at a barn dance


Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo 2011

Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo 2011


Several years ago when my dear friends John and Debbie hosted a dance in their rural Dundas barn, I photographed these two boys. To this day, it remains one of my favorite portraits. Such sweetness in those faces.

I didn’t ask the boys to pose as they did. The cowboy just slung his arm around the other boy. They may be cousins or brothers or simply friends. I don’t recall. But it’s obvious they enjoy each other and were having a good time.

Maybe I’ll see the pair again this weekend, all grown up, perhaps sporting cowboy hats, maybe not. John and Debbie are celebrating the 100th birthday of their barn with an old-fashioned barn dance. I can’t wait to kick up my heels to live music, chow down on great food (including meat from Nerstrand meats and pie from the pie-baking contest), mingle with party-goers, and simply delight in the ambiance of dancing in the hayloft.

And, yes, I’ll have my camera in hand to document the event.


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10 Responses to “Minnesota Faces: Boys at a barn dance”

  1. treadlemusic Says:

    Have fun!!!! So looking forward to your photo assessment!!!!!!!

  2. I love the idea of a 100th birthday party for the barn! Have fun!!

  3. How Sweet would that be to meet these boys again – Beautiful Capture 🙂 The one picture I treasure from my Wedding Day besides the ones with my husband was the one with all the kids. The parents surprised me in making sure the boys were in black pants and white shirts and the girls in some shade of purple – oh so sweet. They are all grown up now and in their final years of High School or heading off to College.

    Happy Weekend – Enjoy!

  4. I can’t wait to see your pictures. That sounds like fun.

  5. hotlyspiced Says:

    A barn dance is always a good event although I’ve never actually been to one in a hay loft – only in church halls which aren’t actually as authentic. Love how the boys look like great mates and I cowboy costume is excellent xx

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