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In Owatonna: I scream for ice cream April 21, 2016

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The S'Cream and an insurance agency office are connected.

The S’Cream and an insurance agency office are connected to one another.

I LOVE HOMEGROWN walk-up ice cream shops. They have character. And ice cream treats that are scrumptious and often uniquely named.

This sign explains The Betty and lists other available treats.

This sign explains The Betty and lists other available treats.

Take The S’Cream, a seasonal ice cream shop advertised as “Home of The Betty,” and located along Owatonna’s busy South Oak Avenue.

The Betty, presumably named after someone.

The Betty, presumably named after Betty.

What is The Betty? It is, I discovered, Cool Mint Flavor Burst ice cream, crème de mint and Oreos flurried together, then topped with whipped cream. And let’s not forget the sprinkles. I can attest to The Betty’s sweet deliciousness.

My husband ordered this blue raspberry ice cream treat.

My husband ordered this blue raspberry ice cream treat.

Equally as delectable is the blue raspberry Flavor Burst ice cream treat my husband enjoyed at The S’Cream. It’s actually the owner’s favorite. He tells me the staff is often dreaming up new ice cream offerings. How fun is that?

If you were to create a treat for an ice cream shop, what would you concoct?

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20 Responses to “In Owatonna: I scream for ice cream”

  1. Marneymae Says:

    i like local walk up ice cream shops too.
    there’s one in town called Sweet Melissa’s.
    i can’t eat cow dairy, so i’m super grateful they make coconut milk as a base for one or two flavors each day.
    and if i had a say in it, i’d offer coffee coconut milk ice cream as a flavor EVERY DAY.

  2. Janelle Parry Says:

    Audrey, those look delicious and refreshing! Oh the possibilities…….I think I would like a mango,pineapple swirl in mine with toasted coconut sprinkled on top. A tropical burst for me, yummmm.

  3. What Fun and Who Does Not Love Funfetti (my one nephew is a huge lover of funfetti and would put it in everything if he could)! There is nothing better than checking out a COOL treat shop with DELICIOUS & UNIQUE Treats – Yum 🙂 Happy Day – Enjoy

  4. Don Says:

    VANILLA. I guess I am one dimensional.

  5. Missy's Crafty Mess Says:

    Something with coffee and chocolate 🙂

  6. Don Says:

    Vanilla is so versatile. You get multiple flavors depending on what you put on it. Strawberry, chocolate, banana, pineapple etc. I have never been able to enjoy a concoction made by someone else’s thinking, What they think goes together is no my cup of tea. One national brand comes to mind two words first starts with with a B and second starts with a J. I have wasted too much money on their products……

  7. Beth Ann Says:

    Wow that looks so good. I love mint so I bet that one would be my favorite there. But my all time favorite is Buckeye Bites or Moose Tracks so if I made something up it would have to have peanut butter and chocolate in it somehow.

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