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Tell me, how can a burger be angry? April 29, 2016

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The Angriest Whopper sign in Owatonna


WHEN I SAW THIS SIGN advertising the new Angriest WHOPPER® near the Burger King in Owatonna, the journalist in me questioned how a burger can be angry. A burger is not a living breathing thing with feelings. Therefore it cannot be angry.

But whatever sells…right?

Knowing absolutely nothing about this burger given I rarely eat burgers and frequent fast food places maybe twice a year, I googled “angriest whopper.”

It is apparently the hot sauce, baked into the red bun and also layered on the burger along with jalapenos, that generates that word choice of “angriest.”

This follow-up to the Angry Whopper will be offered for a limited time only. Will I run out and try one? Not unless someone offers to buy this spicy burger for me.

Tell me, have you tried either of these Whoppers? And what do you think of the adjectives “angry” and “angriest” used to describe burgers?


ON A RELATED NOTE, Burger Kings across the country, including one in Coon Rapids, have been the victims of a hoax that had employees busting the fast food franchise’s windows. A caller claiming to be from the fire department advised employees to smash the windows to prevent an explosion due to a gas leak and build-up. Burger King employees did just that.

I bet there’s been plenty of anger at the affected Burger Kings.

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13 Responses to “Tell me, how can a burger be angry?”

  1. Carol King Says:

    The anger — possibly a generational thing? The burger itself isn’t angry but the cow from whence the burger came probably isn’t too happy!!
    Possibly, maybe . . .

  2. Maybe the hamburger came from a cow with mad cow disease? I haven’t tried one and most likely won’t unless somebody else is paying. I’d rather waste money on more yarn.

  3. Almost Iowa Says:

    Sounds like an ulcer in a bun.

  4. The angriest feeling may come once digested with the true meaning of fast food if you get my drift! I can no longer do spicy due to the fact it seeks revenge in many places all day long. Sorry I went there, but some people cannot handle spicy as well as greasy. Maybe someone will buy you one to try. Happy Weekend – Enjoy 🙂

  5. Littlesundog Says:

    I’m not sure who thought that particular advertising would sell burgers. The world has enough anger.

  6. Jackie Says:

    I will not be trying this burger, too expensive for something I might not like. I’m with you…. if someone buys it for me I would try it 🙂

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