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My current favorite national marketing campaign December 29, 2016

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SEVERAL WEEKS AGO a billboard along Interstate 94 in Rogers popped out at me. Not like a jack-in-the-box or a creepy clown. But visually.

The simplicity of the graphic design and the short, powerful message of “Good choice, kid.” made this advertisement noticeable among all the roadside clutter.

This Wonderful halos billboard is part of a $30 million ad campaign focusing on kids who choose mandarins over something less desirable. So I learned while googling the slogan. To totally understand this, you have to view the television spots that are part of this campaign. Kids star in videos with storylines that present a temptation—like sleeping over in a creepy doll-filled mansion or running away to join the circus—and the obvious better choice of a mandarin.

The ads are quirky, funny and, yes, most assuredly memorable. To the creative forces behind the Wonderful Halos newest marketing endeavor, well done.

TELL ME: What ad campaigns, past or present, do you consider especially well done and memorable? Why?

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11 Responses to “My current favorite national marketing campaign”

  1. Janelle Parry Says:

    Hi Audrey, I am from a large family that moved around and camped in a trailer a to of our youth. There were 6 of us kids. So I think the one I remember most was ” See the USA in a Chevrolet”. That ditty still goes on in my head when I travel or see road signs for paces I’ve never been. And though I don’t drink anymore, those Hamms bear beer signs were my favorite.

  2. Almost Iowa Says:

    IMHO, the greatest campaign ever was Volkswagen ads in the 1960’s. My favorite ad of all time went like this…

    SCENE: [A funeral procession and voice over of the reading of a will]
    SCENE: A bored young woman examining her nails.
    VOICE OVER: To my young wife who never knew the value of a dollar, I leave one dollar.
    SCENE: A high living fat cat in the back of a limo.
    VOICE OVER: To my partner Marley, who constantly said, “spend, spend, spend”. I leave nothing, nothing, nothing.
    SCENE: A studious young man weeping as he drives a volkswagen at the back of the procession
    VOICE OVER: And to my nephew who always said, “A penny saved is a penny earned” I give my entire estate of 100 million dollars.

  3. Missy's Crafty Mess Says:

    I thinks a great idea. Funny though my kids wouldn’t eat an orange of any kind to save their lives. Apple’s are another story…

  4. Tim Mueller Says:

    I love the Samsung commercial on TV that shows a group of young teenagers going by bicycle from place to place. They go to a pool , to a skate park , talk to numerous people and they are gone all day. It reminds me of what I did as a 13/14 yr old kid. The difference is they have their phones and virtual reality viewer with them etc etc. on their journey to record everything and share. I’ve often thought how my boys will never experience what I did travelling by bike from house to house- and just being gone …all day….. on your own! This commercial brings our two generations together in such a cool way..Brilliant . At the end the mom calls one of the kids on his cell as the group rides down the road on their bikes to see when he’ll be home; he says love you to his mom.. and all the friends say “Love you MOM!!!” . It seems to be on a lot when the Packers play- or maybe that’s the only time I watch TV!

  5. Marilyn Says:

    I think nearly all your readers will remember “I wish I were an Oscar Meyer weiner . . .then every one would be in love with me,” Only we sang it “everyone would take a bite of me,” Here in Australia two of the best were, “Good on you, Mum, Tiptop’s the one,” and “We’re happy little Vegemites . . . .” And yes it is possible, here is one Yankee ex-pat who really does love Vegemite (the Aussie national spread on bread).

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