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Embracing the arctic cold blasting Minnesota January 5, 2017

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CONTINUING WITH MY It’s arctic cold in Minnesota thread…




I photographed this refrigerated transportation truck along US Highway 14 near Mankato last Saturday. I’m especially impressed by the company name, Winnesota, reflecting bases in Minnesota and neighboring Wisconsin. Clever, clever. My eyes also filtered out the word win. Subconsciously I already consider Winnesota a winning company.

But how does this relate to the current just above zero and below zero temperatures we’re currently experiencing here in Minnesota? I suppose there’s no direct correlation other than the solo thought of cold.



This buffalo plaid Faribault Woolen Mill blanket is among several I have been gifted with through the years.


I want to be positive, so here are some good things about the arctic blast:

  • The lakes are making ice, which makes bait shop owners and ice fisherman happy.
  • If you’re short on refrigerator or freezer space, just open the door to one spacious outdoor cooling unit.
  • These are perfect days for homemade soup or chili, both favorites of mine.
  • Skiers, snowboarders and other cold weather sports enthusiasts love these temps which keep snow from melting.
  • The Bartz brothers of New Brighton, who spent 350 hours sculpting snow into a 22-foot high fish, surely must value the art-preserving cold.
  • Appreciation for flannel sheets, quilts, thick comforters, fleece throws and Faribault Woolen Mill throws and blankets deepens.
  • Senses sharpen.
  • Thirty-degree temps will feel downright balmy once this cold snap snaps.

That’s it.

Can you add to my let’s be positive about this arctic blast list?

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24 Responses to “Embracing the arctic cold blasting Minnesota”

  1. Marneymae Says:

    fabulous list!
    on new years day, i went walking around town (i was downtown housesitting) and it was a sunny “balmy” (read: low 30’s) day. there were people bundled up and sitting on their porches taking in the sunshine, people on park benches bundled up and chatting in the sunshine… it was so sweet. and it’s so true – how fabulous 30’s can feel after a stretch of single & minus digit temperatures.
    i’m glad for the plants and water table and maples and outdoor enthusiasts that there are some colder temps in Minnesota.
    stay cozy.

  2. treadlemusic Says:

    The most positive thing is we’re not there!!! (that’s Tom’s thoughts on the subject!!!) LOL!!!!

  3. Beth Ann Says:

    Perfect weather to wear those favorite heavy sweaters that languish in the back of the closet during the warmer days. Perfect weather to curl up with a book by a raging fire in the fireplace while sipping tea or coffee or hot chocolate. Perfect weather to sit and plan a summer get away. 🙂

  4. Don Says:

    We are another day closer to summer, the amount of daylight is increasing every day!

  5. Bernadette Thomasy Says:

    More reason to stay inside and cozy up with a good book.

  6. Here is a tag for your use (collection).
    got this blanket 20yrs ago at flea market in Boone, IA.
    whoa! I used the words ‘flea’ & blanket in the same text.

  7. Cheryl Nagel Says:

    It’s difficult to feel positive about such COLD air blasts! But there are some positive things, as you pointed out, such as a nice bowl of chili!

  8. No pollination or crop dust!!! I can go out doors and breathe

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