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A bedtime story from the Kenyon Police Department January 9, 2017



I’VE WRITTEN HERE before about the Kenyon Police Department Facebook page. It’s a feel-good innovative use of social media. Truly positive and refreshing.

Now there’s one more reason to love this Facebook page. Officer Goodman (a puppet) has joined the KPD family. He makes his debut this evening by reading a children’s picture book, My Daddy Snores written by Nancy Rothstein and illustrated by Stephen Gilpin.

This might just be a new bed-time routine for you and your kids. Or you. There’s something comforting about a police officer puppet reading a story as if he’s a schooled children’s librarian. Or simply a police chief who continues to care deeply for others. That would be Kenyon Police Chief Lee Sjolander.

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Hooray, Mom finally bought a coffee maker

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I CAVED. And it was time.

After my eldest daughter and her husband brought their French press to my house for Christmas weekend (per my request), I purchased a coffee maker. This was silly, asking them to pack one more item into a car loaded with baby equipment. For around $20, I could buy a coffee pot.

So on Saturday I shopped for a coffee maker, settling on a small size Mr. Coffee, a name brand I recognized. Then my husband and I fussed over filter sizes before I fussed even more over coffee brand. Who knew so many brands and types of coffee existed? Not me. I’m mostly familiar with Folgers, once promoted by Mrs. Olson as mountain-grown.


Among the sweet treats.

Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo.

Several text messages later, I had a recommended brand name from the coffee drinking eldest daughter. She failed to mention, however, that I would be faced by shelves of choices. Which should I choose? I quickly eliminated “candy cane” coffee. That doesn’t even sound good. Donut Shop Blend tempted me. But would it taste like donuts or coffee served in a donut shop? That marketing strategy confused me.

Perplexed by the multiple choices, I phoned my daughter from the coffee section of the grocery section of a Big Box retailer. I could almost hear her laughing on the other end of the line. She was kind enough, though, not to laugh aloud.

I’ve now made my first cup of coffee in my Mr. Coffee, using a medium roast House Blend. The process proved simple, the coffee OK. But I’m no coffee connoisseur; each morning I consume a mug of instant French vanilla cappuccino. I expect many would not even peg that as coffee.

TELL ME: Are you a coffee drinker? If so, what brand and type of coffee would you recommend I try?

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