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Another Christmas with Mom December 20, 2017

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I pose with my mom for a photo during our extended family Christmas gathering several days ago at her care facility.


MORE AND MORE I am cognizant of the passage of time, of aging, of the realization that I am now in the demographic of senior citizen. I need only look at my ever graying hair and my multiplying age spots and feel the aches and pains of arthritis. I am growing old, which is a good thing if you consider the alternative.

But with my own aging comes more frequent grief. More and more I am writing sympathy cards and attending funeral home visitations and comforting friends at the loss of parents.

While my dad died in 2003, my mom is still living. I find myself more and more making sure I photograph her during our visits. She lives 2 ½ hours away. Often I ask my husband to photograph my 85-year-old Mom and me together, too. We almost lost her last winter to pneumonia, one of many critical health challenges Mom has faced during her lifetime.

But she shares the story that God told her he wasn’t ready yet for that stubborn old lady. I believe her. Mom doesn’t lie.

And so I am blessed with another opportunity to celebrate Christmas with Mom. I am thankful.

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29 Responses to “Another Christmas with Mom”

  1. God bless you and your lovely mom

  2. Ruth Says:

    Hugs to you and your mother. And husband for taking the photo. Christmases come at a faster rate as we age. Or so it seems. Enjoy your time together.

    • Thank you, Ruth. Unfortunately, I only had about five minutes with my mom on the day the photo was taken. The extended family (about 30 there) gathered at her care center so she could see all of us in mass. That, of course, means no quality visiting, especially when an hour was spent opening gifts. We’ll head back for a personal one-on-one visit after Christmas.

  3. bev walker Says:

    Such a nice photo of you and your mom. Weather permitting, I plan to see my mom and siblings New Years weekend. Merry Christmas to you and family!

  4. Beautiful 🙂 I enjoy the few months my parents are here snowbirding. Happy Day – Be Blessed – Enjoy!

  5. Valerie Says:

    What a lovely picture of you and your mother. You look alike. I’m so glad you got to spend another Christmas with her. My mom passed away in 2009.

  6. Gay Lynch Says:

    Your wonderful photos of your mom brought back so many memories for me. I have many photos and movies of my parents that I have converted to cd for future generations. However, I regret the movies have no sound and I cannot remember what my fathers voice sounded like. I was only 17 when he died. If I may suggest, record your mom’s voice if have not already. Thank you for sharing your photos and stories with us.

    • Gay, that’s a great idea, to record Mom. I will have to learn how to do that on my smartphone. I have a video of my dad talking about his experiences while a foot solider in the Korean Conflict. That was recorded when he finally received his Purple Heart some 50 years late.

      How wonderful that you have those movies, even without audio. What a treasure. I am sorry about the loss of your father when you were only 17.

      Thank you for your kind words regarding Minnesota Prairie Roots. It’s my joy to share my writing and photos with you and other readers.

  7. The older I get
    the more I forget
    when I try to recall
    a face or a name,
    but no matter my years
    through all the joys and the tears
    your place in my heart will remain
    always the same.

    ~Jack Downing~

  8. Dorothy Says:

    Merry Christmas! Thanks for showing the photo of you and your Mom. We are off to NJ to see Craig and his family for Christmas and to spend time with them Will be busy but a lot of fun for us. We fly out there today. Love to all of you,

  9. melirey96 Says:

    God bless her . She is truly blessed to still be here after that close call she had last winter. Is great that you are capturing beautiful memorable moments on pictures. Have a very Merry Christmas with her and your entire family! God bless!

  10. Jackie Says:

    Cant help but smile when I see this photo, I agree with you…everything you said about aging. We never know when it will be the “Last year” with our parents. I think those photographs are momentous! Your mom is as cute as a bug 🙂

  11. Beth Ann Says:

    What a beautiful picture! I absolutely love it. I know it is difficult to be away from your mom—-I hate that I won’t be with mine on Christmas but hope to be able to make a visit in January. But our moms know our hearts and know that we would rather spend time with them, don’t they? So glad your family got to spend some time with her.

  12. Littlesundog Says:

    What a sweet photo. I never think to have a photo of mom and me when I’m back… and I was just up to visit a couple of weeks ago. I understand where you are – I’m there myself, dealing with the aging process. It’s strange how the body says one thing but our minds feel forever young.

  13. Missy's Crafty Mess Says:

    Merry Christmas 🎄

  14. Susan Ready Says:

    Love the photo and indeed you are blessed having her for another year

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