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Of Vikings, a blizzard & Minnesota Nice January 22, 2018

The Vikings’ loss and fan reaction headlined news late this morning on a Twin Cities TV station.


NOT WANTING TO SOUND like a poor loser the day after the Minnesota Vikings’ loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC championship game, I pondered what to post here. Watching the second half of the game, which ended with a 38 – 7 win for the Eagles, proved difficult. I mostly read a book, diverting my attention from the disaster unfolding on the TV screen.

But rather than wallow in the disappointment of the Vikings not advancing to the Super Bowl in their hometown, I choose to remember the seven days in which Minnesotans united in exuberance over the Minneapolis Miracle. It felt good, really good, to be part of such a positive experience, the pride in our state strong.

As the Vikings-Eagles game ended Sunday evening, I turned to my husband and asked, “Now who are you going to cheer for in the Super Bowl?” His answer was swift. “The Eagles,” he said, explaining that he often roots for the underdog. Me, too. Typically. But our son lives in greater Boston and the New England Patriots hail from Massachusetts…

And then I read a post by Minnesota Public Radio’s Bob Collins, whom I respect as a news blogger. He wrote this morning about the way some Eagles fans treated some Vikings fans yesterday in Philadelphia. It wasn’t pretty with taunting, foul language and even beer cans tossed. Is this normal behavior? I hope not. Collins points out that in just two weeks, Eagles fans will arrive in Minnesota from the City of Brotherly Love. Will we show them our signature Minnesota Nice? I am confident we will.


Minnesota kids need warm hats and mittens during these cold and snowy Minnesota winters.


An email which arrived in my in-box this morning from Thrivent Financial, a Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee Partner, confirms my premise that we Minnesotans are good at heart and we’ll show the world that during Super Bowl LII. Thrivent is partnering with Hats and Mittens for a Super Hats & Mittens event the day before the game to make (or collect) 52,000 hats and mittens for those in need. Attendees will craft hats and mittens from fleece during the gathering which also features food, an author, music and more. If this event wasn’t located just blocks from US Bank Stadium, I’d consider attending. But I don’t want to be anywhere near the stadium around Super Bowl time.


The view from my home office window this morning as a blizzard rages outside.


And this would be my kitchen window which is totally covered by wind-driven snow.


Early this morning I took this shot from an upstairs window of the van parked in my driveway near the garage.


All of this aside, we here in southern Minnesota have another, much more important, distraction today. The weather. My county of Rice and several other Minnesota counties are in a blizzard warning until midnight. Fierce winds are driving snow nearly horizontally across the landscape. It’s not pretty out there.

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32 Responses to “Of Vikings, a blizzard & Minnesota Nice”

  1. Our Jacksonville Jaguars sadly lost to the Patriots yesterday–I was definitely cheering for the underdog in that game. I was hoping for a Vikings win, as well, even though I’m not a football fan. The view from your window looks absolutely freezing–as I sit here in the Arizona desert at 65 degrees with the sun shining. Stay safe in the hazardous weather!

    • I’m sorry your team lost, too. I’m not into football either…until the last two play-off games. And with the Super Bowl in Minnesota, I’m more interested this year. I hope we have a major snowstorm or bitterly cold temps on the big game day. Just because…

      My husband left work early. It took him 45 minutes to make the usual 22-minute drive from Northfield to our Faribault home. He said conditions out there are as bad as he’s ever seen them. Now we have mega snow removal ahead of us with six inches on the ground already and about that much more yet to fall. Fun times in Faribault.

  2. sheketechad Says:

    Stay warm and stay safe!

    • Thank you. I am thankful to have my husband safely home from work, a drive that took him 45 minutes instead of 22. Conditions out there continue to deteriorate with county plows recently pulled. Businesses are closing. No one should be out in this blizzard unless they have a medical emergency.

  3. Go Grandma Says:

    All newsworthy events. Very disheartening to hear of the Eagles fan’s behavior. I think you’re getting the blizzard worse than us here in the metro – but I got a snow day out of it.

    • Yes, we’re really getting hit hard here in Faribault with about six inches already on the ground and the snow still falling fast. My husband said Faribault has more snow than Northfield, where he works. He’s safely home after a commute double the normal 22 minutes. He reported conditions were the worst he’s ever seen.

  4. david wassink Says:

    does Minnesota public radio give truthful news or are they deceptive

    On Mon, Jan 22, 2018 at 12:34 PM, Minnesota Prairie Roots wrote:

    > Audrey Kletscher Helbling posted: ” NOT WANTING TO SOUND like a poor > loser the day after the Minnesota Vikings’ loss to the Philadelphia Eagles > in the NFC championship game, I pondered what to post here. Watching the > second half of the game, which ended with a 38 – 7 win for t” >

  5. The greatest two topics to start off a Monday with – sports and the weather. Be safe and stay warm 🙂

  6. Sandra Says:

    2 planes cancelled from Denver to Mpls. Sun was here, today is Mn. Trying for Tues a.m. CO is really down on moisture, they are thrilled. Nice blog Audrey!

  7. Eric Schmidt Says:

    That cute “Minnesota kid” was sure excited to show us her snowman in the backyard when we face timed with her yesterday….

  8. Yesterday was awful! I don’t normally cheer for the Vikings but my Dad was a lifelong fan as we are from North Dakota. Yesterday I had to cheer for the Eagles because Carson Wentz went to NDSU with my kids. So we are at least keeping it in the area!

  9. Jackie Says:

    Sad that the Vikings lost, but oh…so…glad that it’s a winter wonderland today. 🙂

  10. The game was brutal for us viking s fans. Hopefully the super bowl will brings in lots and lots of money to Minneapolis!

  11. Littlesundog Says:

    Forrest and I were bummed about the Vikings loss. Poor sportsmanship seems to be the way of both college and professional sports these days. When I was a kid, I remember Nebraska fans clapping for the opposing team when they came on the field before the game. Now its customary to hear loud boos and mocking.

    • And that type of bad conduct starts already at the youth level with some parents exhibiting bad behavior in language, verbal attacks on coaches, etc. Many parents just seem way too serious about sports these days, thinking their kids will go pro. Few do.

  12. Susan Ready Says:

    Indeed it was a hard loss to swallow after coming off such a high with the game the week before. I can’t even begin to imagine what the TC will look like when all those Super Bowl fans descend on the city. Glad I didn’t rent out my house:) for this event!
    Great snow photography even through a screened window!.

  13. Missy's Crafty Mess Says:

    Wow you guys really got a lot of snow. We were supposed to get 8-12 inches and didn’t even get an inch.

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