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Bracing for a strong winter storm in Minnesota April 13, 2018

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A GALLON OF UNOPENED milk sits on the top shelf of the refrigerator. A full loaf of bread is tucked into a kitchen drawer. We are ready. Milk. And bread. Two staples.

Randy and I joke about having milk and bread on hand whenever a major winter storm is forecast for Minnesota. And one is for today in to Saturday with blizzard warnings issued for the western part of the state and a winter storm warning for much of southern Minnesota, including the Twin Cities metro.

I’ve heard forecasts of up to a foot of snow in my area. Heavy. Wet. Preceded by rain (already falling), sleet/freezing rain and then snow. Up to an inch of snow an hour. Plus strong winds.

Already people and organizations are rescheduling events like the Echo Fire Relief Association Pork Chop Dinner, the Women’s Cannon River Conference Spring Gathering, a Redwood Senior Dining Potluck…

Saturday will be a good day to hunker down at home and stay off roads. Travel is expected to be difficult, especially on my native prairie where up to 18 inches of snow combined with winds of 40 – 50 mph will create blizzard white-out conditions. Fail to respect those weather conditions and you could find yourself in major trouble if stranded in the countryside. I expect snow gates will be lowered to keep drivers safe and off highways.

Several times in recent weeks, predicted snowfalls have not materialized. But we shouldn’t chance that the weather forecasters are crying wolf. Time will tell…

Be safe, my friends, if you live anywhere in the path of this winter storm.

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24 Responses to “Bracing for a strong winter storm in Minnesota”

  1. Be safe and stay warm. I grew up in Ohio, and we used to call it hibernation season–looks like you’ve had a long one this year. Take care.

  2. ohh!! Be safe & stay warm Audrey! I wish I could send you some Texas heat! 🙂

  3. Valerie Says:

    We arrived back home safely from our three week road trip, late yesterday afternoon.. I was so disappointed to see snow still in our yard (the front faces north and is always slow to melt.) We are planning to stay home tomorrow and watch the snow come down…hopefully one last time before spring finally comes.

  4. Sue Ready Says:

    Personally I’d add this to your milk and bread list- a good shot of whiskey and at least a pint of beer as
    this winter beast just won’t go away even though we’ve told him he is an unwanted guest!!

  5. Don Says:

    Oh how I feel for you, while here in Fairbanks fortunately for us, we are basking in sunshine, 40 some degree weather with no winds, sorry…………….. Hummm perhaps you can go and get some green spray paint and color the snow so as to feel like it’s spring outside!

  6. I have been watching your weather and hoping that it would pass you by. One of Chris’s guys from zines was with us this week in Vegas and he made it back before it started at least. Stay safe!

  7. BradG Says:

    Don’t want to rub it in, but 73 degrees here in Hendersonville, NC today. Plan to wash the car this afternoon.

  8. Almost Iowa Says:

    My wife tells a great tale about a blizzard in the 1970’s.

    Freezing rain took out power lines all over Southern Minnesota, so when her family lost power, they knew it would take awhile to get it back.

    No power meant no heat which forced them out of the house. They drained the water heater and pipes and unplugged the appliances before they left – but they forgot about the goldfish.

    Upon their return a few days later, they found the little guy encased in a block of ice in his bowl. Having other things to attend to they put him out of their mind as they got the furnace going, refilled the water heater and primed the lines.

    The next day, in a toasty warm house, the goldfish bowl thawed and the little fish swam around like nothing happened. Goldfish are carp and carp have a natural anti-freeze in their blood.

  9. Missy's Crafty Mess Says:

    This one proved to dump loads of snow.

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