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Good news, bad news June 21, 2018

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GOOD NEWS: I really do weigh less than the scale at District One Hospital in Faribault registered during my ER visit last Saturday morning. During a weigh-in at an orthopedic appointment Wednesday, I weighed the same as I do on my scale at home. That’s 17 pounds less than I weighed just days ago on the ER scale. I feel so vindicated.

Now for the bad news. I need surgery on my broken left radius. The news came as a surprise given I was told in the ER that I didn’t need surgery. That just goes to show the importance of a follow-up visit with a specialist. Outpatient surgery will be Monday. I’ll leave with a permanent plate screwed in place. Surgery seemed the best option for the best outcome.

It’s not a particularly major surgery, but surgery none-the-less. And I don’t much like surgery. (This will mark my eighth.) But who does?

There you go. I welcome all prayers for an uncomplicated and successful surgery and recovery, for full and prompt healing, and for patience. Words of encouragement are also appreciated. And hot dish if you live close enough to deliver one. Just had to throw in that, oh, so Minnesotan angle…

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35 Responses to “Good news, bad news”

  1. Sorry to hear that you are going through a rough patch. Even though I am in Minnesota at the time, I think the hot dish would get cold before reaching you! So I will send my positive intentions to you from my kayak perch on Hanging Horn Lakeside Resort in Barnum, MN. If you need of a quite place for recovery I know this place has healing powers! God’s Speed with your recovery.

  2. sheketechad Says:

    Best wishes for able hands and expedient healing. I admire your good spirits in the face of all things 🙂

  3. Go Grandma Says:

    Good job on the weight loss😂. Good luck with the surgery. I hope someone brings you a hot dish!

    • i am happy i’ve kept off 20 pounds, even though the inaccurate hospital scale shows i haven’t.

      my favorite hot dish is minnesotan amy thielen’s classic chicken and wild rice hotdish. i also especially love soups and salads.

  4. Murphy's Law Says:

    I am so sorry to hear you need surgery. Imagine how sorry YOU were to hear it!!! But, having this break heal properly is the bottom line. The fact that it’s Outpatient surgery makes it a bit less scary….but still, we would all rather not have any kind of surgery.

    You are definitely in my prayers Audrey for a textbook procedure followed by a completely uneventful and speedy recovery. Not sure there are enough prayers in the world to make a go-getter like you patient, but I’ll give it a shot! Lol.

    And, when you’re really feeling down, REMEMBER YOUR WEIGHT!! There truly is a God Audrey, but sometimes He has a weird sense of humor!
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

    • i felt the blood drain right out of my face when the ortho doctor told me he recommended surgery for the best outcome. i was not at all mentally prepared. i know it’s the right decision’ even while my mind protests.

      i value your genuine care and prayers. and, yes, God definitely has a sense of humor.

  5. Virginia Updegrove Says:

    What a bummer to have this happen to you. Will be praying for you and wish I could bring over a dish, but just a bit to far from Tucson. Keep the faith my friend.

  6. Dawn Says:

    Prayers for you and Randy! Hope all goes well!

  7. Sending prayers and healing vibes ((((((loveandhugs))))). Take it easy – Enjoy Your Day 🙂

  8. becky spitzack Says:

    I thought it sounded like a bad break when you first wrote about it.
    I hope you get a lot of hot dishes.

  9. Bernadette Says:

    Sorry to hear about the extra step in your healing process but I expect you will find more humor to share in that experience. Hoping for a full recovery and a fast one for you.

  10. Almost Iowa Says:

    Audrey, I hope your surgery goes smoothly and your recovery is brief and pain-free – but about that hot-dish. If I brought over my famous Tatter-Tot Hotdish, believe me, that 17 pounds on the ER scale would not be a lie.

    • so…i presume your famous hotdish is loaded with cheese and cream soup? i would risk the weight gain. just so you know, after my ortho appointment yesterday, we stopped at the grocery store given i had nothing planned for supper. i want tator tots, i said. i needed comfort food.

  11. Judy M Says:

    I am sorry you need surgery and will keep you in my prayers. Sorry no hot dish or salad from here but a lot of well wishes for you.

  12. Missy's Crafty Mess Says:

    Well at least you can get a chuckle during a tough time. Wishing you a speedy recovery

  13. Littlesundog Says:

    Well rats! I was hoping for different results. So, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers… especially for patience. I know how difficult it was for you to lay low the last time!

  14. Brb Walker Says:

    Sorry to hear that surgery is needed! I will be thinking of you and Randy also.

  15. valeriebollinger Says:

    That is good news about your weight. HA And I’m sorry to hear about your surgery. You will be in my prayers.

  16. Ruth Says:

    Hope you are on the mend at a rapid rate when you read this comment.

  17. Jackie Says:

    Praying for a successful surgery tomorrow. make sure to update ?

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