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Sunday inspiration from Burkhartzmeyer Shoes April 26, 2020


BY NOW I EXPECT YOU’VE all seen them—paper hearts decorating windows as a way to show love for one another during the COVID-19 pandemic. I smile every time I see those hearts. In a world that has been too often divided, I feel a sense of unity in efforts like #aworldofhearts.


One of many windows filled with hearts.


In downtown Faribault numerous businesses have joined the movement, including local icon and third-generation family-owned business Burkhartzmeyer Shoes. I love this shop, run by a family with an incredibly kind, giving and loving spirit. Second-generation owner Buck. Cousins Bruce and Brian. And their employees. I consider them more than people who peddle and repair shoes. I consider them part of my faith family, my community family. And they serve the wider community via their services as certified pedorthists, filling prescriptions and providing orthopedic shoes.


Burkhartzmeyer Shoes is open from 11-5 Monday-Saturday. Those are temporary hours during the COVID crisis.


And then there’s that extra care, a care of the spirit exemplified in the many paper hearts taped to windows in this Central Avenue store. I’ve passed by several times and noticed writing on some of those hearts. On a recent evening, I stopped for a closer look and found exactly what I expected. Inspirational bible verses hand-printed on select hearts.


One of the bible verses posted in the window.


I snapped a few photos to share that scripture with you.


From Isaiah…


I also want to share my latest Sunday series blog post at Warner Press, an Indiana-based Christian publisher. I lead the blogging ministry there and we started this series as a way to uplift and encourage people during the COVID-19 crisis. Please click here to read today’s post, “Scripture to Uplift You, From Your Warner Press Family.”


From John 16…


Have a beautiful Sunday, my friends, and be blessed.


Disclaimer: I am paid for my work with Warner Press.

© Copyright 2020 Audrey Kletscher Helbling


9 Responses to “Sunday inspiration from Burkhartzmeyer Shoes”

  1. Loving the UPLIFTING news aka blog post today 🙂 Be Safe and Take Care

  2. Audrey- I wonder if any of the Bible verses contain information on how to pray for flour? I know bread, the life that feeds us is important but without flour how does one make bread?
    That is how bad it is in St Louis. No flour, no cleaning supplies and still no TP!
    Then I talked with a friend in Carlton Country that told me that people from MSP are heading North along the I35 corridor to Duluth and shopping in the local groceries. The people in my hometown do not want the virus or the MSP population raiding what little they have. What to do?
    Social distancing seems not to apply to ATV riders either as more than 100 were in Moose Lake over the weekend from all over the state. Very upsetting to the older population of those small towns where I come from in this current crisis. What are people thinking? Maybe prayers to help stupid people making stupid decisions? Then if that is so a top level leader should be included and maybe a request to remove him from office. Just saying- the Lord works in very strange ways and my hope is that everyone learns from this before it kills most of us off. Stay safe, stay healthy and please add prayers if hope for my children in St Louis and GA.

    • Paula, I’m sorry St. Louis is still dealing with all those essentials shortages. I’ll have to ask my pastor about special prayers for flour. 🙂

      I am appalled that people from the Cities are heading north along I-35 and shopping in the local groceries, as you say. People are supposed to be staying close to home. I don’t understand this selfish thinking. Of course the people in your hometown are concerned. They have every right to feel as they do.

      And a mega gathering of ATV riders? Where are the local authorities? This type of behavior simply maddens me. Total disregard for others.

      You are correct that the Lord can work in mysterious ways. I landed on the email list of a Christian group actively working to remove a particular leader from office. And, yes, prayer is a tool they are using along with a strong campaign to raise awareness and take action. I appreciate their efforts.

      I’m going right now to add your prayer requests to my whiteboard. Be safe. Be well. And know that I care back here in Minnesota.

  3. Joan VanDyke Says:

    I’m so happy you found this inspiring! I had a lot of fun making the hearts and diving in to find my personal favorite verses and sharing them with others! God Bless!
    Joan from Burkhartzmeyer Shoes

    • Joan, thank you so much for making these hearts and posting these uplifting and encouraging bible verses. I so appreciate your efforts. And I so appreciate the Burkhartzmeyer Shoes family. You are a blessing to Faribault and beyond.

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