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LaNette’s, more than a coffee shop in small town Montgomery August 18, 2020

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A view outside LaNette’s Coffee Shop, 225 First Street South, Montgomery, Minnesota.


FOUR PLASTIC MOLDED CHAIRS in a blue that seems more beachy than rural Minnesota, angle outside LaNette’s Coffee Shop. Two women sit here, sip coffee, engage in conversation on this sunny summer Saturday morning.


A close-up of that kitschy cute cone art.


The occasional vehicle passes by or stops at the stop sign before crossing or turning onto First Street. LaNette’s anchors a corner on the south end of Montgomery’s main business district and is housed in a small brick building marked by smiling waffle cone art that identifies this as more than just a coffee source.

Besides a variety of coffees and bakery treats like muffins, cinnamon rolls and cookies, Owner LaNette also serves up ice cream in homemade waffle cones. I’ve yet to try any of her treats. Next visit.


Pat Preble won first place for “Old Barn” and “Cows in the Field,” both displayed in the front window of the coffee shop.


But this time in town, I’d already eaten my sweet for the day—from Franke’s Bakery just up the street. Instead, I popped into La Nette’s for a closer look at the art displayed in her front window as part of the local “Celebrating Farmers and Agriculture” Exhibit coordinated by the Montgomery Arts & Heritage Center. I asked LaNette if I could turn a barn painting by Pat Preble to photograph it. She quickly agreed.


An example of the art in LaNette’s.


I noticed the work of other artists showcased and available for purchase in LaNette’s shop. I love when local businesses support local artists. And writers, as noted by a Hometown Authors section in a wall display.


The inviting interior.


An antique doorstop keeps the front door open.


LaNette’s with mismatched tables and chairs, inviting sitting spaces, art, a few antiques, a pine plank floor and the aforementioned beverages and treats, has a comfortable feel of neighborliness. Of gathering with friends. Of catching up on family and town news. Of enjoying the often slower pace of life found in small town Minnesota. Of contentment.


A neon sign in the front windows signals that the coffee shop is open.


FYI: LaNette’s Coffee Shop is open from 6 am – 3 pm Monday-Saturday. Please check back for one final post from Montgomery tomorrow.

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7 Responses to “LaNette’s, more than a coffee shop in small town Montgomery”

  1. I was just talking last week about a waffle cone and a few scoops of ice cream. There is just something about enjoying and taking the time to savor a waffle cone. Making myself hungry now. Or a really good milkshake. I need to get me one soon since I have not had a sweet treat like that in some time. Happy Day – Enjoy 🙂

    • Like you, I’m overdue for an ice cream treat from somewhere other than my refrigerator freezer.

      Enjoy when you finally get that sweet treat.

    • I rarely bring the stuff home because I will just eat it all in just a few days.

      • I’ve found that’s the best way to avoid eating those foods which we should only indulge in occasionally. That said, Randy and I have eaten a lot of ice cream this summer. I’ve heard/read that ice cream sales are up. Comfort food perhaps?

      • Comfort food yes. Also, it is a way to add a little extra to any celebration that now takes place at home. I know I have done that here and there over the past few months. I know people have been doing a good majority of at home cooking, however; I think ice cream is easier to buy then maybe make.

  2. valeriebollinger Says:

    I want to visit the coffee shop in Montgomery, and the Rustic Farmer. We saw them on our recent visit but were there for the yummy pizza!

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