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Merry Christmas, dear ones December 24, 2020

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My granddaughter looks at Baby Jesus in a Nativity set up in Faribault. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo 2018.

CHRISTMAS 2020. What can I write that you haven’t already read? This year’s celebration will be much different as we adjust our plans due to COVID-19. Randy and I will gather with our eldest, her husband and our two darling grandchildren here in southeastern Minnesota. We won’t see our second daughter and her husband and our son living in Madison, Wisconsin, four hours away.

Is it disappointing? Of course, it is. We want to see everyone, to be together as a family. But we recognize that it’s best if we keep our distance. We don’t want to throw our caution of the past 10 months out the window, especially this close to vaccination. I remind myself of that often. And I remind myself also, that I still have family with whom I can celebrate. Nothing beats time with the grandchildren to shift your focus from what you’re missing to the joy right there beside you.

I know too many of you will be missing loved ones—lost this year to COVID or many other causes. I’m sorry for your losses. It hurts.

An historic Nativity in Faribault (edited photo). Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo.

Yet, in all of these challenges, one thing remains unchanged about Christmas. And that is the birth of Christ. As a Christian, I reflect on this sweet baby come to earth with a plan of redemption. If not for my faith, I would struggle to face life’s challenges. That is my truth.

As I celebrate Christmas, I wish you the blessings of peace, love and joy. You, dear readers, bring me much joy by appreciating me and the work I do here on this blog. I value you. Your insights. Your kindness. Your friendship. Your care.

A handcrafted ornament sold at Fleur de Lis in Faribault. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo.

Merry Christmas, dear friends!


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11 Responses to “Merry Christmas, dear ones”

  1. Joyce F Says:

    Merry Christmas from small town Kansas

  2. Judy Says:

    Merry Christmas. Have a blessed time with your loved ones.

  3. Norma Says:

    I am so happy for you that you are so much closer to Marc and Amber. We will be celebrating here in our Independent Living Community. We have been quarantined for several months because of so many defiant people here in California. We can leave, but have a 72 hour quarantine when we come back. That doesn’t really bother me as much as not being able to have visitors yet. We will just stay here. There is a special dinner that will be served to us. It was the same as Thanksgiving. That too is okay. I just want to be safe from the Covid-19. You have a Blessed Christmas, and tell my great grand children, and their mommy and daddy that their California GG loves them.

    • Oh, Norma, I will be sure to relay your message to Marc, Amber, Isabelle and Isaac.

      You have such a good attitude given your situation. With vaccinations beginning and new leadership, we have every reason to enter 2021 with hope. I hope soon you can host visitors and see all of your beloved family. We’re all hoping for that. Until the then, we need to do our part to stay safe, just as you are. A blessed Christmas to you and Herb!

  4. mrwinter Says:

    Merry Christmas to you too. Thank you for taking the time throughout the year to share your thoughts through your blog posts.

    Mark Winter (originally from New Ulm, now in Tennessee)

    • Mark, thank you for your wishes and kind words about Minnesota Prairie Roots. New Ulm is one of my favorite Minnesota communities, one we travel through each time we return to southwestern Minnesota. My maternal grandfather grew up in nearby Courtland, where my mom was born.

  5. Almost Iowa Says:

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    Brrrrr, it’s cold. 🙂

  6. Jackie Hemmer Says:

    A couple of days late but Merry Christmas Audrey, I’m glad you were able to spend time with some of your kids, It’s hard to not be with the all of them, I hope all of our families will be back together soon.

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