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Yes, please, to pie October 17, 2022

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Perkins in Monticello advertised free pie. (Minnesota Prairie Roots copyrighted photo August 2022)

PIE. Who loves a good pie? I do.

A few months back while passing through Monticello on the way to a family reunion, I noticed an eye-catching FREE PIE MONDAY sign and cherry pie graphic on the window of Perkins® Restaurant & Bakery. It was enough to make me wish the day was Monday rather than Saturday.

I can’t tell you the last time I dined at Perkins, but it’s probably been decades. I prefer home-grown to chain restaurants.

Yet, the offer of free pie…

As far as I can tell, the 11 am – 9 pm free pie on Monday comes with the purchase of an entree. Reviews of Perkins’ pie point to good pie. I’d need to sample it to offer my opinion. Make that blueberry, please, or French Silk.

Now it’s your turn. If you’ve indulged in Perkins’ pie, how is it? Or where have you found really good pie? What’s your favorite type? This is, after all, pie season.

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18 Responses to “Yes, please, to pie”

  1. beth Says:

    we don’t have Perkins restaurants here, but I am a huge pie fan, especially fruit pies!

  2. Perkins was our hangout for pie when I was in High School. Have not been in one in ages. The pie was good back then and not sure how it is today. I have a sweet tooth and I have learned to treat myself every once in a while to the sweet stuff. Now I am craving pie! Happy Day – Enjoy 🙂

    • I love that Perkins was your hang-out in high school. We have a Perkins in Faribault, but it’s been decades since I’ve been there. Like you, I occasionally treat myself to something sweet. I don’t even bake much any more because then I eat it and I don’t need sweets.

  3. I so love pie! My stepson and his wife served pie instead of cake at their recent wedding. Jennie and I had to sample so much pie before deciding on the bakery. Fortunately there was a little left over so we enjoyed it for dinner a couple of days later. Anyway, when we visit my daughter in Illinois we like to visit the local pie café. Growing up there left me with a definite pie preference.

    • I love the idea of serving pie rather than cake at a wedding. I would prefer pie over cake any day as I am not a big fan of cake. It sounds like you had a lot of pie. Congrats to the new couple, and your family, on celebrating a wedding!

      Hometown cafes often serve the best pie.

  4. Valerie Says:

    Fireside Orchard, in Northfield, has really good pecan pie, and apple pie this time of year.

  5. Yes, it was funny in retrospect. All that driving and sampling when the solution was nearby…..

  6. Perkins pies are so so I think. Way too sweet and not always baked so the crust is perfect.
    The best homemade pie’s in Minnesota (I think) are from Betty’s Pie’s on Highway 61 on the North Shore. Sadly I heard they sold a few years ago and I am not sure they are still in business.
    Of course the Carlton County Fair 4-H building each mid August has a wide selection of homemade pies. Yummy!
    I think I need to make a pumpkin pie now.😂

    • Paula, I bet those Carlton County Fair 4-H pies are delicious. Nothing like homemade pie. We have a group of “Pie Ladies” at our church who meet every Monday to make pies, really good pies. The pies are sold at church and at a local apple orchard.

  7. Sheila Ehrich Says:

    Recently indulged in a Free Pie Monday at Perkins. The meal was wonderful as I was able to spend time with a friend. I love their 55+ menu for the smaller size portions. Always delicious and the wait-staff is always friendly and efficient. Had the cherry pie, very good. Waiting to have pumpkin next time. (The only thing pumpkin spice belongs in!)

    • Sheila, I love reading stories like this that focus on what matters most in life, time with others. That you enjoyed your meal and dessert served by a friendly wait staff are bonuses to what sounds like a wonderful dining experience. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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