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Minnesota Prairie Roots Friday flowers go to Tom, Rae and Dawn January 8, 2010

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This week's virtual Friday flower is a rose from the Lyndale Park Rose Garden near Lake Harriet in south Minneapolis. My Aunt Rae took me here when I visited her in my younger days. I returned to the garden for the first time in years this past August.

AFTER A HOLIDAY BREAK, Minnesota Prairie Roots virtual Friday flowers returns this week.

I already had two individuals selected for this honor when a third popped out at me Thursday morning from the editorial section of the  Faribault Daily News. The name should be familiar as I wrote about Tom Dominick in my December 18 Friday flowers post. Then, Tom and his wife received a monetary gift from a stranger while shopping at Walmart. It was a holiday boost the couple, who are raising their grandchildren, needed.

Let’s fast foreword now to Christmas Eve, when the Dominicks again received a generous gift from an anonymous Christmas angel. But this time, Tom decided another person needed the present more than his family. “Someone we know is dealing with multiple tragedies and sadness this holiday season; so from one heart to another, in your honor we’ve shared your love and kindness,” Tom wrote, describing how he paid it forward.

Because of his generous spirit, Tom has been selected as a recipient of January 8 Minnesota Prairie Roots virtual Friday flowers, a rose.

The second rose goes to my Aunt Rachel, who is recovering from recent knee replacement surgery in her Arkansas home. Rae has had a rough go of it and still isn’t feeling all that great.

I can relate somewhat, because I underwent total hip replacement 19 months ago. Although I didn’t face the same post-op issues as my aunt, I know that it takes time to regain strength and mobility. So, Rae, if you’re wondering whether you will ever ditch that walker, you will.

The final rose goes to my cousin Dawn from Morgan, who made this one memorable Christmas. She is the mastermind, following in her mother’s footsteps, behind a unique gift I received shortly before Christmas. Under the guise of Annie Mary Twente’s ghost (see my December 23 post), Dawn sent me a plastic toy mouse that poops candy and squeaks “Merry Christmas!” or “Merry Christmouse!,” depending on who is listening.

This little gag gift garnered more guffaws than anything as my family holed up together for several days during the Christmas snowstorm. My son even went so far as to place Chris Mouse on my chair before we sat down to supper one evening. That was nearly the end of Chris as I didn’t look before I sat and sent the screeching rodent skittering onto the dining room floor.

Thank you, Dawn, for bringing unexpected laughter to my family on Christmas. Like Tom Dominick, I may just pay the deed forward.

Chris Mouse caused quite a stir at my house this Christmas.

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