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Letter writers get Minnesota Prairie Roots Friday flowers January 15, 2010

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WHEN WAS THE LAST time you received a handwritten letter in the mail? Such correspondence seems a rarity in this age of instant communication via e-mail, twitter, Facebook and cell phones.

But on Monday, I received two handwritten letters—one on the palest of pink stationery and the other on plain white, lined notebook paper.

That Kathleen and LeAnn embrace this nearly obsolete craft of putting pen to paper makes them the recipients of this week’s Minnesota Prairie Roots virtual Friday flowers.

This combination of flowers and decorative grasses was photographed at the Lyndale Park Rose Garden in south Minneapolis this past August.

I appreciate anyone who engages in the art of letter writing, for handwritten letters are among life’s sweetest pleasures.

There’s something truly uplifting and connective about receiving a handwritten letter, for such words can be read and reread, and cherished. These missives convey a personal, caring touch that electronic communications will never offer.

My friend Kathleen writes with a free flowing flourish of cursive words, exclamation points and smiley faces that sweep across the page, reflecting her bubbly, outgoing, always positive personality.

My cousin LeAnn, on the other hand, prints her words carefully, neatly, in block letters that march precisely across the lined sheets of paper. This reflects her more reserved, introspective personality.

I savor both letters and both of these individuals who are part of my life.

For the joy you sent to me in your handwritten correspondence, thank you, LeAnn and Kathleen.

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