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A journey to Pandora, or, in other words, we see the blockbuster movie Avatar January 20, 2010

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FOR WEEKS, THE TEENAGER in the family asked, cajoled, pleaded, demanded, whined and begged to see the movie Avatar at the Minnesota Zoo IMAX Theatre in Apple Valley.

For weeks, the parents in the family resisted, citing the expense–$15 per ticket, plus costs for parking, popcorn and gas. Why, they asked, couldn’t he just settle for viewing the movie in Faribault or Owatonna? Truth be told, the parents really didn’t want to see a movie that didn’t interest them.

The son persisted, though, insisting on the eight-story IMAX screen experience.

But the parents steadfastly refused his demands and suggested a compromise. They would take him, they said, to the Lakeville Theatre, where he could see the movie in 3-D.

The son, however, was unwilling to negotiate as he continued to lobby for the IMAX.

The two sides had apparently reached a stalemate. But the parents, being the parents, laid their final offer on the table: See the movie in Faribault, Owatonna or Lakeville, or forget it.

So Sunday afternoon, the trio traveled to Lakeville for the discounted $8.75 matinee. There they donned 3-D glasses and were transported to the imaginary Pandora as they munched on popcorn.

Occasionally, the mom flinched, unnerved by swords and other objects seemingly thrust at her face. Two seats away, she imagined her son rolling his eyes at her reaction.

But as the movie progressed, the parents, much to their surprise, became immersed in the adventure fantasy that focuses on the conflict between the sky people (earthlings) and the native humanoids of Pandora.

The plot included a love story for the mom, adventure for the dad and plenty of sci-fi fantasy for the teenager.

It seems that they all were happy, although the mom complained a bit about the two-hour and 40-minute film length. That, declared the dad, did not surprise him since James Cameron, director of Titanic, also directed Avatar.

Ah, thought the mom, as she recalled her struggle to sit through that lengthy disaster film.

On the ride home, the parents tried to discuss the movie with their teenager. But he only reiterated how Avatar would have been so much better had they viewed it on the towering IMAX screen.

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