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Martha Stewart could have made these holiday treats January 5, 2010

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Hand-molded candies, crafted by my sister Lanae, her daughter, Tara, and Tara's husband, Andy.

“HOW DID YOU MAKE these?” I ask my sister Lanae as I admire the individual candies she’s included in a package of holiday treats for my family.

“I used a mold,” she answers. “And I’m not making them again.”

I am almost sorry I asked, so emphatic is Lanae in her reply.

Later, when I pilfer through the contents of the large gift bag, I understand exactly how much time and effort my sister has invested in making this assortment of delectable goodies for extended family members. Her beautifully-packaged foods and wine rival anything Martha Stewart could create.

But that’s no surprise to me. My floral designer sister has a flair for design and color and presentation. And she’s truly outdone herself this time with homemade wine, sweet relish, cut-out cookies, puppy chow, Chex party mix, caramel corn, bounce (that’s fruit-flavored vodka) and those hand-molded truffles. Lanae’s daughter, Tara, and Tara’s husband, Andy, helped with the candies and cookies.

I feel like a decadent, over-indulgent, spoiled-rotten queen when I even think about consuming these treats.

And perhaps that’s exactly as Lanae intended—that we should all feel just a little bit pampered, a little bit indulged, a little bit spoiled, but most of all, loved.

Snowflake cookies

These beautifully-packaged snowflake cut-out cookies are almost too lovely to eat.

Sweet relish

Lanae made jars of sweet relish from the bounty of summer.

homemade wine

Lanae and her husband, Dale, have gotten into wine-making and often share their wines with family.

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