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Looking for the best of the best in Southern Minnesota June 24, 2014

southern minnesota scene best of logoWHAT DO YOU LOVE about Southern Minnesota?

Now Southern Minn Scene, a regional arts publication/entertainment guide, is once again opening up nominations for the best restaurants, bars, music, theater, art, sports/outdoors, retail/services and miscellaneous offerings in our area of the state for 2014.

Who has the best fish fry or catering or BBQ in Southern Minnesota?

Where can you find the best Bloody Marys or happy hour?

Which music festival is a must-attend?

Who’s the best visual artist?

What would you rate as the best campground, sledding hill (yeah, I know, who wants to think winter) or bait/tackle shop?

What’s your go-to antique store?

And, finally, in the miscellaneous category, you can nominate “best ofs” like the best farmer’s market, best place to watch people and best blog/blogger (ahem, maybe Minnesota Prairie Roots).

From now through July 27, you can submit your choices. The top three to five nominees in each category will then be announced as finalists around August 1. Thereafter you will have until Labor Day to vote for the winner.

Simple and fun. And a great way to honor all the great people and places and things of Southern Minnesota.

Click here to begin the process of nominating your favorites in Southern Minnesota.


10 Responses to “Looking for the best of the best in Southern Minnesota”

  1. Thread crazy Says:

    What a neat idea…I hoping some of the “nominations” we’ll be able to visit during our trip later this fall up to that area….

  2. Dawn mosser Says:

    Best campground- Sakata trail resort

  3. Dawn mosser Says:

    Best antique store- hot SAMs antique- lakeville

  4. Dan Traun Says:

    very nice – thanks for bringing this up to the surface and to our attention.

  5. Beth Ann Says:

    Love these kind of lists—we have the Best Of in Mason City for all kinds of categories but I don’t think there has been a miscellaneous that allowed you to write in blogs and whatnot!! Great idea. You got one vote!

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