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Hey, Minnesota and Wisconsin, are you ready? November 9, 2014

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As I snapped this photo from my living room window, this pick-up truck slid on the snowy street.

I could be looking out my living room window tomorrow at a scene like this from February 2014 as the first snowfall of the season moves into my area of southeastern Minnesota.

I keep hoping the forecasters are wrong in their prediction for a “potent storm system” developing in Minnesota this evening and continuing into Monday/Tuesday. But it appears they are not based on the latest updates from the National Weather Service.

Snow falling at a rate of one to two inches an hour is predicted in this system which will stretch from the western border of Minnesota into Wisconsin.

Travel will be impacted. You think?

Total accumulations of up to a foot of heavy, wet snow are expected. My county of Rice is on the borderline of 4 – 8 or 8 – 12 inches. It appears places to the north, like the Twin Cities an hour away, will get the most.

My husband blowing out our driveway.

My husband blowing out our driveway. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo May 2013.

Snow shovels are in place. Gas can has been filled. Snowblower is at the ready.

You can almost sense the anticipation. A major Big Box retailer was a zoo yesterday and looked equally as busy today. And, let me tell you, the grocery store was not the place to shop this morning after church.

It’s as if everyone is stocking up, preparing to hunker down, realizing that tomorrow’s efforts will be focused on snow removal and staying off the roads.

Be safe everyone.

Snow flies as Randy works the snowblower down the driveway. Fortunately we are not without power, although the lights flickered numerous times Thursday evening.

Clearing our driveway. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo February 2014.

IF YOU LIVE in Minnesota or Wisconsin, how are you prepping for Monday’s mega storm? Are you ready?

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19 Responses to “Hey, Minnesota and Wisconsin, are you ready?”

  1. Dan Traun Says:

    Ick. Here it comes. Booo. I am glad I do not have to commute these next two days.

  2. cecilia Says:

    Unbelievable.. you poor thing.. c

  3. Jackie Says:

    Do I even have to tell you how overjoyed I am about the snow to come. Sadly Rochester is more southern and we are only expected to get 3-6 inches. I’m pretty sure “winter” is the only thing we dont share a love for 🙂

  4. treadlemusic Says:

    Last year, November 14th, we got our first snowfall and it lasted til……well, a very long time!!!! Time will tell if we are going to get anything. Eau Claire looks to be part of the bulls-eye……up to 18″!!!!! yikes!!!!

  5. chlost Says:

    Yuck. We may be ready with the snowblower and shovels, but psychologically, I am definitely NOT ready to deal with this yet.

  6. Missy's Crafty Mess Says:

    I can’t wait!!!! I’m knitting warm items.

  7. Do Singsaas Says:

    I must say I am not totally opposed to winter just the length of it here. I look at the fun side of it, snow machining, skiing, and a nice warm fire at the end of the day! But the moving of snow from the area you don’t want it to the area that you do want it is tiring thus thank goodness for grand kids!

    • I need to adopt your attitude, Don. But I don’t have a snowmobile nor do I ski nor do I have a fireplace, or grandkids.

      Just came inside from shoveling snow, which is still falling. Faribault was fortunate. We got perhaps two inches, unlike other areas of Minnesota that received something like a foot.

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