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Spring in rural Minnesota: The greening of the grey May 7, 2015

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I DON’T KNOW IF ANY GREEN is more vibrant than that of spring, especially here in rural Minnesota.

A scene photographed from Rice County Road 15 between Faribault and Morristown, Minnesota.

A rural scene photographed from Rice County Road 15 between Faribault and Morristown, Minnesota.

Green in the landscape after months of grey and white and black dances a visual delight. It’s as if our eyes cannot get enough of lush green grass and the tight buds of leaves unfurling in flashes of green that sway to the rhythm of the wind.

Farmers, such as this one near Wanamingo, are working the land and planting.

Farmers, such as this one near Wanamingo, are working the land and planting.

Soon seeds sown into black earth will erupt in rows of corn and soybeans like a precision marching band overtaking fields.


A dryer and bin on a rural Rice County, Minnesota, farm await the 2015 harvest about a half a year away.

The beat of the seasons begins. Planting into growing into harvest. A familiar rhythm in this land I love.

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27 Responses to “Spring in rural Minnesota: The greening of the grey”

  1. Marneymae Says:

    It’s feels like a magical time, when the hillsides slowly shift – blushes of color in the treetops
    It seems to gently change, then one day all seems to unfurl green

  2. Dan Traun Says:

    A very welcome scene after Winter.

      • Dan Traun Says:

        We just wrapped up the majority of our planting yesterday – our vegetable gardens anyway. 9 different varieties of tomatoes, 6 different varieties of herbs and three varieties of peppers. Now the waiting begins 🙂

      • That sounds great, enough to keep you in fresh vegetables all summer. I plant only a few herbs, spinach and tomatoes given my limited land. However, a nephew and his family recently moved to rural Faribault and they will have a big garden. They’ve invited us out anytime to pick as they love to give away their home-grown produce.

      • Dan Traun Says:

        We give away lots too. It is hard to consume all or can while still fresh.

      • That is wonderful. People like me, who don’t have space for gardens and love fresh produce, are deeply appreciative. I’m not surprised that you and Cyndie are so generous.

  3. Do you think that’s why we love a red barn so much? A break from all those gray tones?

  4. Spring makes me miss living on the farm. Great pictures.

  5. treadlemusic Says:

    The green is so vivid in the morning light that it’s almost painful to the eyes!!! Love!!!! The most recent rains have served to even darken the colors more. “Spring”….a time bursting with the untapped potential of delights stretching into pleasant summer days filled with activities unencumbered by coats and “galoshes”. Pure ecstasy to me!!!!!

  6. Beautiful Captures 🙂 Woke up to SNOW here this morning. Happy Day – Enjoy!

  7. Jackie Says:

    Well said my friend, everything seems more colorful this spring. 🙂

  8. Don Says:

    Our Spring or what we call “breakup” is in full swing with just the slightest hint of green on the trees. Sumer obviously just around the corner but the days are getting too long for my liking already.

    Your pictures make me homesick. Nice white barn but it could use some paint………………

  9. Thread crazy Says:

    To me there’s nothing prettier than the spring “green”; it’s such a deep rich color and then add the colors of spring bulbs against the dark green. Gorgeous spring colors!

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