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Grateful for my right hand man, literally June 6, 2017

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AWHILE AGO my friend Patty gave a white board to Randy and me and to others in our circle of friends. She advised us to exchange loving, caring and encouraging messages with our spouses, just as she does with her husband, Doug. Their white board is posted in their kitchen.

This couple inspires me with their love, their positive attitudes and their resilience. They have been through many difficulties, losing their first spouses to cancer and dealing with their own serious health issues.

Yet, they are not defeated and exude joy in living a happy, faith-filled life.

Following Patty’s directive, I previously penned words of gratitude to Randy, propping the white board on the dresser where he drops his billfold, change and pocket knife after a long, hard day of work. But it’s been awhile since I messaged him via marker.

A few days ago, not quite two weeks into my recovery from a right shoulder fracture, Patty suggested I jot a note of thanks to my husband. I’d forgotten about the board hidden behind a pile of decorative pillows on the bedroom floor. Our bed doesn’t get made now given more important tasks consume Randy’s time.

Patty was right. I needed to thank my husband in writing, not just verbally. So with great effort and some pain, I managed to print my thanks.

It is during times like this that I fully realize how vulnerable we all are, how one minute we can be walking down a flight of stairs and then the next moment our legs are fighting air and we are plunging into a hurting heap upon concrete.

But, in the afterward, love rises to new heights—beyond a kiss or a dozen roses or dinner out. It rises to easing my arm into a sling to swabbing deodorant under my armpit to putting earrings in my lobes to carrying my stack of library books to closing the van door to simply being there when tears of frustration occasionally overtake me.

To my husband, my right hand man, thank you.



And to Patty and Doug, who Monday evening delivered a bouquet of garden peonies to me, thank you. I am blessed by your care, your love, your prayers and your friendship.

TELL ME: How have you expressed your thanks to a family member or friend who has helped you through an especially difficult time?

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24 Responses to “Grateful for my right hand man, literally”

  1. Littlesundog Says:

    I think the gratefulness and thankfulness goes both ways. When I’ve been injured Forrest will often say he is more aware of all I do around here. It’s the same for me when he’s down. It’s really apparent how much a coupleship relies on each other, and it’s good to express that thankfulness at all times. You are fortunate to have such thoughtful and loving friends too.

    • You are correct, Lori. Even I, now that Randy has to do nearly everything around here, realize how much I do. I’m sure he will be thankful once I have use of my right arm back.

      Praying for quick healing for you, Lori.

      • Littlesundog Says:

        Oh I’m praying for you too! Gosh, I would be so frustrated in your shoes, Audrey. Shoulders are SO important and a big part of everything upper body. I got a reprieve this weekend – it rained buckets! And this week all I have planned is crawling around in the garden to weed and sit on the mower for hours mowing. That’ll keep me off my bum foot for the most part!! 🙂

      • I’m realizing just how important the shoulder. You have incredible grit and determination. how long before you are healed and back on your feet?

      • Littlesundog Says:

        I think it will be a few weeks. Already it feels better if I stay off of it. I have not been working outdoors except to crawl around on my hands and knees in the gardens and flower beds. I am spending time catching up on computer work. But I cannot imagine being so limited with a shoulder injury. We do so much with our upper bodies and arms where the shoulder is connected to all!

      • I got in a little trouble with my ortho doctor yesterday for using the computer too much and for doing more exercises than he said. Stop if it hurts, he said. it’s really tough to basically just rest. Even typing this reply with my left hand makes my right shoulder hurt. now he’s talking up to 16 weeks for full recovery. But he also said yesterday that all was looking good and the bone break widened only a little.

        You continue to take care.

      • Littlesundog Says:

        I agree it’s tough to just rest. Those of us who are motivated and on the go… always have a plan and desire, it is hardest on. But I know too, there are lessons to be learned and a sweet message about life – slowing down and honoring our bodies by taking care of them. Sixteen weeks is a small time period when you think about all of the great years your body has pushed through. Try to think about the healing going on, and being grateful for an amazing body that is trying to heal on its own. Tell that ego to scram every time it gets you down about what you can’t do or what you are not getting done. Everything is as it should be, Audrey! You just keep smiling and put mental energy and a few physical exercises to work at healing that shoulder! 🙂

      • Great advice, Lori. You, too. Rest, that is.

  2. Get better soon! A shoulder fracture sounds painful and it must be hard to manage daily life with it. Love the white board idea. It might puzzle my husband but who knows?

  3. Jackie Says:

    given the circumstances of a shoulder injury, that note meant even more to Randy I’m sure. Such a loving and great guy you have. I love it when our marriage vows are played out throughout our marriage journey’s. “through sickness and in health”…. Love the idea of a chalk board for writing gratitudes to each other. 🙂

  4. Almost Iowa Says:

    I never let a day go by without saying to my wife: “You’re not THAT bad” and she responds by telling me that I am occasionally tolerable.

    She knows I love her and I know she loves me…but being Minnesotan, you don’t want that sort of thing going to a person’s head.

  5. Awe that’s a great idea. Might need to write a quick note to hubby today. We went on our first date 14 years ago today. Hope you are feeling better!

  6. Don Says:

    It’s amazing how when bad things happen good people truly shine!

  7. Susan Ready Says:

    great idea to show gratitude and love regularly. Iam impressed your handwriting looks quite nice. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  8. Valerie Says:

    I am impressed how you keep posting and even writing notes with your shoulder injury Audrey. I’m grateful for your loving husband who gives you such good care.

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