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Where, oh, where has my little dog gone & pet photos July 20, 2017

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Photographed recently along a busy roadway in Cannon Falls. (Yes, I blacked out the phone number.)


EVERY SPRING, SUMMER and fall, handcrafted photo signs pop up on street corners with the message, LOST DOG.

DO NOT YELL, APPROACH OR CHASE, the writer advises of a dog lost recently in Cannon Falls.

I often wonder if these canines are ever found or wander home or why they are running loose in the first place. I realize pets sometimes escape…but I appreciate responsible pet owners who keep their animals under control on their property and who clean up after the dogs they’re walking. I’ve stepped in stinky dog poop too often in my yard. Yuck.

A few years ago a woman even posed her dog in the middle of a corner flowerbed by my house for a photo op. In the process, the dog destroyed flowers I’d planted. I was not happy.



But I was happy to see the owner of a lost (as in deceased) pet post a public notice offering free pet portraits. I spotted the sign recently in a Waterville gift shop. The owner of Chaz the dog is a photographer specializing in pictures of people and their pets, according to the Facebook page for Chazman Photography based in Janesville.



I haven’t photographed a lot of pets. But the animal images I’ve taken are, I think, notable. I’m not your typical stand, point-and-shoot photographer. I strive to tell a story, using perspective and setting to achieve that. Here are some cat and dog photos I’ve shot, my favorite being the “NO PETS ALLOWED” image shot outside Riverfront Park in Mankato in June of 2011. The dog owner, upset his canine couldn’t enter the park, suggested the photo location, almost daring himself and his dog to cross that line.

Here are those promised pet photos pulled from my files:


My sister Lanae’s fat cat, Sable, now deceased. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo 2010.


Ian with Zephyr in rural Bigelow. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo 2013.


Titan, so active I struggled to photograph him in 2014. He was owned by the Spitzack family of rural Faribault. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo.


I photographed this cat outside Hopefull Treasures in Hope, MN., in 2011. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo.


Another cat photographed in 2011 in Hope, MN. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo.


Another view of that dog outside Mankato’s Riverfront Park. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo 2011.


Rudi, one friendly collie at River Bend Nature Center in Faribault. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo 2014.


My friend Mandy’s cat, Gretchen, photographed in 2015. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo.


Taco the dog, photographed at the Faribault Farmers’ Market in Central Park in 2012. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo.


Brianna’s cat, in her home in Hayfield, Minnesota. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo October 2016.


Β© Copyright 2017 Audrey Kletscher Helbling




38 Responses to “Where, oh, where has my little dog gone & pet photos”

  1. Beth Ann Says:

    I definitely like this post much more than yesterday’s post. Subject matter is so much happier. Both have their place, of course, but I love the sweet pet images in this one. Thanks for some smiles this morning. I will have to send you a picture I took of Holly yesterday…..

  2. Thanks- I’m a pet person- delightfulmway to start my day! Your sister’s cat was a beauty!

  3. My heart is now full and happy, Audrey.
    You are gifted in so many ways, dear.
    And even the furry fabulous creatures, whom I adore, Adore You! xxx

  4. I love all of your animal photos, however; that cat on pumpkin is my favorite πŸ™‚ This made my day and put a smile on my face – thanks. See pet therapy is GOOD! I live in a dog town that has three dog bars for humans and their furry friends. There even is an event call Dogtoberfest. The place has literally gone to the dogs around here – ha! Happy Day – Enjoy πŸ™‚

  5. Amber Schmidt Says:

    Will have to show this to Izzy, she will be so happy to look at all the puppies and kitties. πŸ™‚

  6. treadlemusic Says:

    Titan stole my heart. I’m more of a dog person than cat (if I were to choose). Your photos definitely catch pet personalities and not just furry critters….but, then, your photos always succeed in a story-told outcome!

  7. parkerozgood Says:

    I always get so bummed out when I see those signs! Lately on the south side of the metro here, I have been seeing more and more “Stolen” dog signs. That’s sad! Nice pet shots!

  8. Great pictures–I’m from Aurora, MN

  9. Cute pets especially the cats! Fun looking at some of them again. I remember several from past posts. Thanks for sharing

  10. Valerie Says:

    Fun photos.

  11. Norma Says:

    Around here, lots of dogs get out of their yards on the 4th of July. They do not like fireworks. My dog hides under the bed. We had a Bassett Hound a few years ago, and she was so frightened by the noise, that she pushed our wooden gate aside and escaped. Took 2 days to find her.

  12. Jackie Says:

    I am not much of an animal person, but I enjoyed your photo’s, me favorite was “Titan”, he reminded me our our dog “patch” that we had as kids πŸ™‚

  13. Susan Ready Says:

    As a dog owner I did enjoy all your pet photos though you might have overlooked posting one of Bella. Perhaps she can be added to your updated file.

  14. Lanae Says:

    Dale and I sure do miss Fat Cat Sable. He was Dale’s best buddy when he came home from work and hogged my chair 99% of the time. He sat like his people when in the chair instead of curled up or laying down.

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