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The artistry of winter in southeastern Minnesota April 18, 2018

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AS A LITERARY and visual artist, I see artistry in a Minnesota winter.




It’s there, in the shadows,



the snow,



the starkness of this season.



It’s there, too, in the curve of a woods-snugged road,



the rise and fall of a snow-edged highway,



the rustic dried grasses of swampland.



Poetry exists in a lone robin come too early for spring,



a squirrel clawed to a tree,



a lawn chair draped in new-fallen snow.

In this extended season of cold and snow, the artistry of winter remains, seemingly unwilling to yield to the artistry of spring.



But as certain as writer’s bloc vanishes, as certain as molded clay forms a sculpture, this artistry of a Minnesota winter will morph into the artistry of spring. I tell myself that as yet another winter storm storms into southern Minnesota.


NOTE: All images were taken from my Faribault yard or along Rice County Road 38.

© Copyright 2018 Audrey Kletscher Helbling


22 Responses to “The artistry of winter in southeastern Minnesota”

  1. Beth Ann Says:

    I know that spring will come along soon. Our high today is going to be 80 degrees so yes–spring is coming to your part of the world soon as well. I feel it in my bones. The pictures are lovely but cold, right?

  2. Almost Iowa Says:

    But as certain as writer’s bloc vanishes, as certain as molded clay forms a sculpture, this artistry of a Minnesota winter will morph into the artistry of spring.

    Somewhere on my computer, I have a photo of my brother-in-law digging through a foot of snow to see how his corn was doing. It was taken in mid-May near Blooming Prairie.

    So much for optimism. 🙂 🙂

  3. Valerie Says:

    Love the photos Audrey, especially of the robins…but tired of seeing the snow. 😉
    Although, we did have a winter picnic with friends at Nerstrand yesterday and we marveled how comfortable we were around the fire. We commented on the beauty around us…and the tree shadows.

  4. Jackie Says:

    Exactly, the things I see all winter long! Beautiful photo’s! The beauty of winter is in my inner soul. There is also a peace I feel, a quietness that I long for after the hustle and bustle of the other 3 seasons. My soul has been refreshed and I agree with most…. it’s time to start looking and feeling like spring.

  5. Kathleen Cassen Mickelson Says:

    I love these photos, Audrey. I’ve been in a funk the past few days – yes, even I have tired of winter this year and that’s saying something. How can we tire of such beauty? Like the way gratitude keeps us grounded and aware of the good things around us, so too does the awareness of the beauty in snow, light, shadow, robins. Thanks for that.

  6. Missy's Crafty Mess Says:

    Awe the poor wildlife looks cold. Beautiful pictures I especially loved the shadows in the snow.

  7. I love and admire how you notice the beauty in every day scenes and are able to convey it both visually and in description so the reader is able to experience it, too.

  8. Oh, such lovely photos, Audrey…
    even if I’m SO ready for Winter to END.
    The robin in snow! My favorite. Poor little thing. Did he expect Spring?! What an optimist! xx

  9. Gorgeous pictures Audrey! You are blessed to be able to see the beauty around you like that.

    • I had to pull myself out of my winter blues to purposefully look for the beauty in the snowy landscape. But, hey, the sun is shining here this morning and the temp will reach near 60 this weekend. I am thrilled. We need this. A year ago, the grass here was green and we were walking outside in shirt sleeves rather than wearing winter coats. Minnesota needs spring.

  10. jofox2108 Says:

    Lovely photos! I’ve been trying for weeks to paint water but I just haven’t been able to see the light and shadows of it clearly. Then I find myself wandering through your Minnesota winter and there, in your picture of the snow I can finally see clearly something of the way light hits rippled water! It was lovely to visit your blog – thank-you.

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