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It’s so cold in Minnesota that… January 3, 2010

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Our frosty garage window, just a few days ago. I strive (struggle) to find the beauty in winter.

IT’S SO COLD in Minnesota that…

…my husband wore long johns under his dress pants to church this morning.

…coats crackle.

…car tires crunch on snowy roads.

…my mom leaves the door under her kitchen sink open so the pipes won’t freeze.

…you warm up the car for 15 minutes to drive a mile.

…houses emit occasional, boisterous cracking sounds.

…I took my jeans out of an icy closet to warm for an hour this morning before putting them on.

…our furnaces run way too much and too long, resulting in dry, itchy skin and, worse yet, higher than normal heating bills.

…ice fisherman smile because the lakes are “making ice.”

…even the hardiest Minnesotans wonder why they live here.

…we would welcome zero degrees as a heat wave.

Minnesota Prairie Roots readers, I would love to post your responses to “It’s so cold in Minnesota that…” Send me your comments.

The outdoor air temperature at my house in Faribault, Minnesota, registered minus 26.1 degrees at 7 a.m. on Sunday, January 3.

© Copyright 2010 Audrey Kletscher Helbling


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