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Writing greeting card verses, from the heart January 27, 2010

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EVEN AFTER DECADES of writing, I still thrill in seeing my work in print. It’s validating, I suppose, to know that others appreciate my creativity.

So when the UPS driver recently delivered a package from Warner Press, I could hardly wait to rip it open. Inside were three collections of greeting cards that include my latest published verses.

A few years ago I entered this writing genre after checking out Writer’s Market and Writer’s Handbook from the public library. I was searching for new markets and figured I could write greeting card verses.

Since then, I’ve sold verses to Warner, Gallant Greetings and DaySpring, owned by Hallmark.

This venture into composing greeting card verses has proven more difficult than anticipated. The challenge lies in creating original verses, which requires inspiration, lots of thought and just plain hard work.

But I’m up to the challenge, and the editors at Warner Press, Inc., an Indiana-based Christian publishing company, have especially embraced my writing. Warner truly offers a perfect fit for me, my faith and my approach to the greeting card market. My writing comes from the heart as I often tap into my personal experiences or those of others to compose verses.

Apparently that’s working. Warner has purchased verses from me that fall primarily into the encouragement, get well and sympathy categories. The latest boxed sets include Outlooks of Inspiration, Groves of Compassion and Peaceful Reflections. Check them out under “Cards and Stationery” at http://warnerpress.org.

Each of these boxed card collections from Warner Press includes a greeting card verse that I wrote.

Warner offers one personal touch that really appeals to me as a writer. On the back of each greeting card, the company credits the card designer and the author. So if you order any of the above boxed cards, you’ll find my name on the back of a single card in each batch. That’s a nice touch which reflects positively on the spirit of graciousness I’ve discovered in working with Warner Press editors.

The complimentary cards sent to writers upon printing also convey Warner’s gratitude.

And believe me, writers value appreciative editors.

© Copyright 2010 Audrey Kletscher Helbling


(If you’re considering submitting verses to greeting card companies, be aware that breaking into the market has become increasingly difficult. Some companies will work only with writers who have already published with them. Others have turned to in-house staff. If you do submit, follow guidelines and submission time frames. Write with originality and from your heart.)


4 Responses to “Writing greeting card verses, from the heart”

  1. Dianne Cogar Says:

    Thank you for sharing your heartwarming journey as a writer. This has given me hope, and encouragement to continue doing what I love most in writing positive and insightful sentiments for others. As you said, breaking into the market is a tough challenge, but I never give up because my heart is fueled by inspiration and my life guarded by faith.

    • Audrey Kletscher Helbling Says:

      I am always especially delighted when my blog posts inspire and uplift others, so thank you, Dianne, for taking the time to comment. A heart fueled by inspiration and a life guarded by faith are certainly excellent qualities in a writer. I wish you best as you continue to follow your passion.

  2. Lazaro Says:

    Love those cards, my wife and I always get them, birthday, anniversary etc, is perfect. Keep up with the good work.

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