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Investigators now think chocolate bunny was kidnapped April 15, 2010

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LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIALS investigating threats against a chocolate bunny in Faribault now report a possible abduction in the case.

Just this afternoon, the Faribault Police Department and the Minnesota Special Forces Unit issued a joint statement saying they found evidence that Zachary Rabbit has been kidnapped.

Police released this photo of an empty candy box linked to the disappearance. Investigators offered no details, but unidentified sources confirm the evidence was found in a backyard near Wapacuta Park.

Police released this photo showing evidence in the possible abduction of Zachary Rabbit.

While police remain mostly tight-lipped, Special Forces Unit Commander White Rabbit verifies that a third threat was received today via the internet. According to him, the text stated: “Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. You totally deserved it.”

Computer forensic experts have traced the message to an IP address in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Authorities there are now involved and the FBI has been contacted to aid in the investigation.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Zachary Rabbit, who weighs two ounces and was last seen wearing a shiny gold, ankle-length coat and a floral necklace, contact your nearest law enforcement agency.

A recent photo of Zachary Rabbit.

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