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One final look at Door County, Wisconsin October 15, 2012

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DOOR COUNTY, WISCONSIN, truly is what you make it.

With that in mind, and understanding that I did not even begin to see and do everything a visitor can see and do at this scenic tourist destination in northeastern Wisconsin, here’s one last look at some photos I shot on a recent one-day visit.

You can explore the stunning natural beauty of Door County…

My husband walks along the beach at Whitefish Dunes State park along Lake Michigan on a recent cold and windy afternoon in October.

The harbor at Egg Harbor on the western side of Door County.

A view of the bay while crossing a bridge into Sturgeon Bay, the beginning of Door County.

…or shop the antique and gift shops…

One of the many shops in cozy Egg Harbor.

Nature Works, an Egg Harbor gift shop.

A festive display outside of Nature Works.

A row of flags add a bit of Americana charm to a scene in Egg Harbor.

…or wine and dine…

I just had to photograph the Audrey Grace vineyard at Lautenbach’s Orchard Country Winery south of Fish Creek, even if my middle name is not Grace.

…or take in the arts scene…

I spotted this sign for the Cheeseheads musical inside Julie’s Cafe in Fish Creek.

…or check out the historic buildings…

Look at this absolutely magnificent pink and gray granite church, St. John the Baptist, which I photographed at Egg Harbor. The 1907 church, constructed from stone harvested from local farmers’ fields, is part of the Stella Maris (“Star of the Sea”) Catholic Parish.

READERS, PLEASE VISIT my blog archives to see previous posts I published recently on Door County.

Copyright 2012 Audrey Kletscher Helbling


16 Responses to “One final look at Door County, Wisconsin”

  1. The pumpkins are really fun. Looks like the one in the center is maybe a turkey? Beautiful church. Reminds me of the stone churches in Ireland.

    • Audrey Kletscher Helbling Says:

      I wanted to go inside the church, but the husband and daughter were not game and this was in the country. Besides, lots of cars parked around the church and I didn’t want to intrude on something I was not supposed to intrude upon.

  2. treadlemusic Says:

    Brings back such grand memories…….great pictures!!!! Have a great week!!!

  3. This looks like the sort of town I’d love to visit and wander around.. with my camera, just like you! Excellent photos!!

  4. Sartenada Says:

    Wow. I mean the last photo. It is fantastic beautiful church.

  5. Beautiful photos – love the Cheeseheads Musical – ha! – thanks for sharing – Happy Monday:)

  6. Jackie Says:

    I really liked this church as well, I made Rick pull over in the parking lot so i could get this very picture. I truly is a very scenic place to visit. 🙂

  7. hotlyspiced Says:

    What a beautiful church. Your husband does look like he’s a tad cold walking on that beach. Is that really a lake? It’s enormous. It really does look like an ocean xx

    • Audrey Kletscher Helbling Says:

      Wind advisories (winds of up to 30 mph) were out for Door County on the day we visited, so, yes, it was cold. Randy is wearing the outer shell of his winter coat over a sweatshirt in that first image.

      And, yes, that is Lake Michigan, one of the Great Lakes.

  8. Very fun pictocial journey! I’d forgotten about the wonderful antique stores there. I need to go back…

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