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The Leaning Tree of Tower Place June 27, 2013

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YOU HAVE NOT PLUMMETED down a rabbit hole, dear readers.

I turned my camera until the tree was "growing straight."

I turned my camera until the tree was “growing straight.”

But you are viewing an ash tree that, if growing straight and tall, would make your world appear off kilter.

This tree, a block from my house on Tower Place in Faribault, worries me. The laws of gravity and the forces of nature tell me this ash is destined to topple right onto the street.

The ash looms over Tower Place.

The ash looms over Tower Place.

I can only hope this does not occur when:

A) A motorist is passing under the ash.

B) A child is walking home from school.

C) Someone is walking/his her dog

D) A walker is out for a walk.

E) All of the above.

Arborist types out there, is there genuine reason for concern, especially given the recent heavy rainfall which has left the soil saturated?

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