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Christmas card photos age me January 6, 2010

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A sampling of the many Christmas photo cards my family received, including an annual photo of my friend Ron's dog, Bailey, decked out for the season.

COME JANUARY, I start feeling older, and not just because the calendar has flipped to a new year.

It’s all those Christmas card photos that put me in an aging funk. I mean, toddlers are now college graduates, for gosh sakes. High school friends are grandmas. My cousins’ kids are having babies.

And I’m in denial. Whenever I send holiday photos, I include only my three children, not my husband and me. Perhaps that’s not the smartest move on my part. Can you imagine the surprise when I finally decide to mail a complete family photo. “Who’s that?” my far-away acquaintances will ask as they furrow their brows and study the unfamiliar woman seated next to the familiar kids. “Is that Audrey?”

Then there’s my friend Ron, who every Christmas sends a photo of his dog, Bailey. If I saw Bailey walking down the street, I’m pretty sure I would recognize her. But Ron? I suppose I could assume that he’s the guy holding Bailey’s leash.

This holiday season brought more creative photo cards than ever to my mailbox as people turn to snapfish.com and shutterfly.com. As much as I enjoy the variety of pictures in these photo collages, some senders erred in choosing distant images of their families. When I need to pull out a magnifying glass to view friends or family with pencil-eraser-size heads, well… Maybe it’s just my aging eyes.

© Copyright 2010 Audrey Kletscher Helbling


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