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Santa needs a technology lesson January 1, 2011

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EVEN SANTA makes mistakes.

The proof lies in this classified ad published this week in the Bargain Hunters section of The Faribault Daily News:

Brand new got for Christmas never used PS3 Tony Hawk Ride. Santa made mistake boy has PS2. $50.00 507-XXX-XXXX.

Santa, I totally get it.

With the ever-changing technology out there, keeping on top of everything becomes a challenge. I gave up long ago.

I wouldn’t know a PlayStation if it walked through the door. True.

So I googled “Tony Hawk Ride,” because I had no clue, and discovered this is a game about skateboarding. Apparently it works only on a PS3, which differs in what way from a PS2 or a PS? How many PlayStations exist anyway and how is a parent supposed to keep this all straight?

By asking the kids, of course. My 16-year-old son has a laptop computer and a Nintendo DS. No PS. No Wii. No Xbox.

He’s asked for them, but I’ve never caved in to the “gotta have it because everyone else has it” mantra. I don’t even apologize. I just say “no.”

Even so, I struggled this year with his request for two computer games and a JavaScript Patterns (what is JavaScript Patterns?) book. I purchased all three from amazon.com, but only after my son went online and showed me exactly what to order.

Yes, this takes the element of surprise out of Christmas giving. But, at least I don’t have to run a classified ad stating that “Santa made a mistake.”

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4 Responses to “Santa needs a technology lesson”

  1. We have a Wii and play it off and on. It’s usually used when the kids have company over as one of the games they play. Girls are not an enamored with electronics as I think boys are. At least that has been my observation with our nephews.

    • Audrey Kletscher Helbling Says:

      Interestingly enough, a good friend told me this morning, “We got something I never thought we’d get.”

      I said, “A Wii?”

      Yup. She said it made Christmas shopping easier.

      I said, “Well, at least you can exercise with it.”

      Secondly, I would agree that boys are way more interested in tech stuff than girls. That comes from the mother of two daughters and one son.

  2. Bernie Says:

    “Santa made a mistake” I love it! It is a clever way to put up a for sale ad. Poor Santa, its much more complicated than a game of checkers. I agree how should he be expected to keep up/

    • Audrey Kletscher Helbling Says:

      Exactly, Bernie. It was the creativity of the ad, more than anything, that caught my eye in the Bargain Hunters section. I give up trying to keep up with technology.

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