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What to do with the sand that gets tracked into my kitchen March 11, 2010

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Almost daily during the winter and into early spring, I sweep a pile of sand from my kitchen floor.

WHY DIDN’T I THINK of this earlier?

The idea didn’t enter my mind until the other day, when, as part of my morning chores, I shook out the rug inside the kitchen door and swept the underlying sand into a pile.

Could I recycle this sand, I wondered as I pushed it onto a dustpan and then dumped the granules into the garbage.

It seemed such a waste really to simply toss the sand that has been tracked into my house from gritty sidewalks and streets.

Think of all the sandboxes I could fill.

Think of all the money the city of Faribault could save on sand if every resident collected and returned the sand for re-use on roads.

Think of all the eroded beaches I could save.

Think of all the sandbags that could be filled to prevent spring flooding.

Think of all the sand I could give to the sandman.

Oh, yes, my ideas are innovative.

Maybe not practical. But, hey, I’m doing my best to think green and keep sand out of our landfills.

Sand collected in a dustpan from one good sweep of my kitchen floor. Could I recycle this sand?

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