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Even a German can be Irish on St. Patrick’s Day March 17, 2010

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The old parish hall at the Church of St. Patrick, Shieldsville, MN., and the subject of a short story I wrote for the March/April issue of Minnesota Moments.

ON ST. PATRICK’S DAY, aren’t we all Irish?

Take me. Even though my ancestors are 100 percent stubborn German, I can list at least eight reasons why I am semi-Irish:

  • I like potatoes—mashed, fried, French-fried, Au gratin, baked, in soup, hash browns and, yes, even tator tots.
  • I eat cabbage, uh, I mean sauerkraut.
  • If Irish eyes are smiling, then mine are smiling especially today. You see, my eyes are green.
  • My grandma Ida often said, “The Irish and the Dutch, they don’t amount to much.” I have no idea why grandma said this, but, if you’re Irish or Dutch, please forgive this German woman. I didn’t believe her then; I don’t believe her now.
  • Quick, what’s  “magically delicious?” If you know the answer, then you have been, like me, indoctrinated by a leprechaun.*
  • My favorite color is green. Every day, not just on St. Patrick’s Day.
  • An Irishman, my Uncle Robin, was allowed to marry into my German family. However, my sister Lanae and I were extremely disappointed when we discovered that this native of Northern Ireland did not have red hair, freckles or pointy ears. We still love him, though, and his soft-spoken Irish brogue.

More importantly, our retired chemist uncle created Femara (letrozole), the drug used to treat breast cancer in postmenopausal women. How cool is that?

  • While growing up, I sometimes searched the clover patch for a four-leaf clover, just like all the other German kids I knew.

So there. Have I proven that I am a tiny bit Irish?

What makes you Irish?

And, yes, I suppose drinking green beer counts, but only for today.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Vintage sign on the circa 1910 parish hall in the Irish village of Shieldsville in Rice County, Minnesota.

The Church of St. Patrick celebrates its patron saint today with a 6 p.m. Mass followed by an Irish meal, entertainment, and, yes, green beer.

(* Lucky Charms cereal is “magically delicious,” according to the General Mills leprechaun who has been telling us this for decades.)

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