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Bus mystery solved: An explanation from KSTP TV Meteorologist Dave Dahl March 25, 2010

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This flood graphic, which has been aired on KSTP TV, is being broadcast nation-wide. See story below.

OK, ALL YOU inquiring readers. I have an answer for you regarding the use of school bus graphics in flood forecasts broadcast on KSTP TV. (See my March 23 blog post.)

I e-mailed Chief Meteorologist Dave Dahl and he responded immediately.

Here’s what I asked:

“I have been wondering this for several weeks: Why are you using school bus graphics and a stop sign on your flood forecast/update maps on the 10 p.m. weather forecast? I don’t understand how school buses relate to flooding. Could you please explain this?”

Here’s Dave’s response:

“They (buses) really don’t, but unfortunately the company that does our animated graphics put a school bus in them. The stop sign is there to indicate that water is flooding roadways, and I guess the school bus serves the same purpose but I wish they hadn’t used a school bus. This graphic is being used all over the country for flooding, but that doesn’t make it right. Thanks for dropping us a note.”

Thanks for the explanation, Dave. I owe you an apology. I thought you created your own illustrations, and I was wrong to assume that. Journalism 101.

Perhaps the company that designed these graphics will rethink placing school buses anywhere near floodwaters, unless, of course, they are FEMA-certified rescue buses. (Read the comments on my March 23 post.)

So the mystery is solved.

Remember, stay off flooded roadways, whether in a car, truck, van or bus.

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