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Grilling on a snow-free patio March 16, 2010

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My husband dresses warmly to haul the Weber from a corner of the patio onto the top of the patio snowbank.

WHAT A DIFFERENCE two months can make here in Minnesota.

On January 17, my husband fires up the Weber grill atop three feet of snow in 26-degree temperatures. He’s bundled in a winter coat, stocking cap, gloves and boots.

Eight weeks later he tosses mounds of melting snow from the patio onto the lawn in near-60-degree weather on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Later, he’s grilling on a snow-free patio.

He’s shed his warm winter outwear, but doesn’t forgo the flannel. Not yet.

He knows that when you live in Minnesota, one warm March day holds only the promise of spring, not the reality of spring.

Randy grills on March 14 on the snow-free patio.

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