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Goodhue County farmers are already in the field March 22, 2010

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Sunday afternoon, this tractor and another one had just pulled out of a field along Goodhue County Highway 30.

EVEN AFTER DECADES off the farm, I still pay attention to what’s happening in the fields.

So, when I saw two tractors chisel plowing along Goodhue County Highway 30 in southeastern Minnesota Sunday afternoon, I could not believe my eyes.

This was only March 21, the day after the first day of spring, for goodness sakes.

And farmers were out digging in the dirt?


The mud wedged deep into the tractor wheel grooves and then later deposited in a telltale trail along the county highway indicated to me that it may have been just a little too wet for field work.

But, I know, there’s always that farmer who takes great pride in being the first into the field in the spring.

Are farmers working the land in other parts of Minnesota? Send me your farm report. This southwestern Minnesota prairie native and former farm girl would like to hear.

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