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A butterfly in Minnesota in March? Are you crazy? March 24, 2010

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TULIPS ARE POPPING through the cold, black soil. Farmers are working the ground, at least in Goodhue County. And, in Faribault, a butterfly was spotted yesterday.

If you’re questioning the truthfulness of that last statement, I wouldn’t blame you. Butterflies in Minnesota in March, yeah right?

But, I am telling the honest-to-goodness truth.

While preparing lunch yesterday, I glanced out my kitchen window and saw a butterfly perched upon the sun-drenched, leaf-matted hillside. Only weeks ago several feet of snow covered this hill.

I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw the monarch-sized, dark brown butterfly resting there. And just to prove to myself, and you, that I wasn’t imagining things, I dashed for my camera.

But I was too late. From the time it took me to grab my camera and race outside, the butterfly had flitted away.

So…, you’ll simply need to take my word for it that I really did see a butterfly in Faribault, Minnesota, on March 23.

That’s the earliest date ever that I’ve spotted a butterfly in Minnesota.

A monarch photographed in my garden last summer.

IF ANY OF YOU readers have seen a butterfly already (in Minnesota), I’d love to hear from you. Maybe this sighting isn’t as unusual as I think.

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