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Snow in Arkansas, but not here in Minnesota? March 21, 2010

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A tulip pokes through the earth, heralding the arrival of spring in southeastern Minnesota.

TYPICALLY, MY RELATIVES who live in northern Arkansas would be telling me about the beautiful weather down there in March.

Not today.

Snow began falling in Bella Vista at 3 p.m. yesterday and didn’t stop until six inches had accumulated. Rain followed the snow Sunday morning.

For my Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Robin that means no church services, no trips to the grocery store, no nothing. They’re stuck at home until the ice melts off their driveway and roadways.

Now, I don’t know about the rest of you Minnesotans, but I will take snow over ice any day.

Only occasional patches of snow remain in southeastern Minnesota. And any ice, well, you’ll find that only on lakes or rivers.

Today marked another glorious day of sunshine here, a perfect day for a Sunday afternoon drive.  And that’s exactly what my husband and I did today. We drove east, into Sogn Valley.

That’s SOH-gun, not SNOW-gun, Valley. I’ll take you on tour there later this week.

Now, I need to step outside and tour my yard and see how those sprouting tulips are flourishing in the warmth of snow-free southern Minnesota.

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2 Responses to “Snow in Arkansas, but not here in Minnesota?”

  1. Dorothy Bowman Says:

    Almost back to normal today. Did not have to shovel any of that six inches of white stuff. It was beautiful and actually kind of fun to be snowed in, when you know it’s for only a day! The driveway was clear by noon and off we went to do some of the stuff which needed doing. Like exercise!! The daffodils still don’t look very good but I did see a shrub blooming!! Beautiful yellow flowers. Spring is here. Blue birds getting bluer, finches getting more yellow and the robin doesn’t look out of place. Spring in Arkansas!!!

    • Audrey Kletscher Helbling Says:

      That’s the beauty of an Arkansas snowfall. Here one day, gone the next. Can’t say that for most Minnesota snowfalls. It sounds so beautiful down there right now.

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